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How to easily choose and install your Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights

Tony Black |

Whether you have a new building lighting project or you are planning to upgrade from old traditional lighting to Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights, the easiest way to go about through that process is to visit Hyperlite’s website , look at the Indoor Lighting options there and maybe start thinking about two or three alternatives and then contacting us via email or through a phone call and Hyperlite’s support service will help you on each step of the process, you will get all necessary input to decide what is the best Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights for your application, considering several aspects such as the appropriate wattage, type of installation, if you will need to do hardwiring or just plug and play, or if you prefer to use the dimming function of Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights, motion sensing capabilities or just a regular ON/OFF switch. Sometimes it could be a bit troublesome for many people to pick up the appropriate light and accessories for their specific application, especially if you look at the wide variety of lighting options in the market, this task can become a challenging one. Hyperlite is a high LED technology company striving to provide the best possible lighting solutions.

One of the most important questions you might have while planning your lighting project what the number, wattage and positioning layout is for your Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights,  what you would require to complete it in the best way. Our Hyperlite Support Service is ready and looking forward to help you with your lighting layout needs, so please contact us through our toll free number +1-855-688-7879 or write us an email to and we will be more than happy to assist you with this important step in the process towards your lighting project completion, by providing you with a free lighting simulation and recommendation, we will only need some basic information from you: the length, width and ceiling height of your room or building, some details about the use of the building and you’re requirements or preferences.

Here we can underline some important initial descriptions of Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights.Hero, Radar and Saturn Series are considered UFO LED High Bay Lights as they have the well-known common round  shape, they are called High Bay Lights because Hero, Radar and Saturn Series were designed to be used for higher installation settings from 14ft to 25ft or higher, 110V to 277V AC. Hero, Radar and Saturn Series have dimming capabilities, you can use their dimming function by connecting them to a 0-10v or 1-10v compatible low voltage dimmer switch. Radar Series can be equipped with a motion sensor accessory and take further advantage of LED controllability by using the Remote Controller - Tale Series, you can use one remote control with several Radar Series High Bay Lights. Hero, Radar and Saturn Series are really easy to install because they come with a 110v US Standard Plug, so with them you will only need to have a power receptacle or ceiling/wall outlet to start getting brighter illumination, of course you can hang Hero, Radar and Saturn Series using the included US hook and safety wire, if you do not want to use the dimming function you can just leave the dimming wires covered. With Hero Series you have two additional accessories options: LED Reflector – Hero Series, which reduces the beam angle from 120 to 60 degree and makes the light more comfortable to everyone’s sight avoiding glare, and the Surface Mount – Hero Series, to perform a flush mount that also allows for a fixed light at an angle installation. Finally Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are backed up with a 5 year warranty against quality related issues, and you can get a replacement by following our returning policy and process and keeping your order and purchasing details.

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