What is the best lighting for a pole barn?

What is the best lighting for a pole barn?

Usually, a pole barn is typically constructed of vertical, decay-resistant timbers, installed at different heights, in most of the cases, around the perimeter of the structure. These are topped by a horizontal timber that supports light lumber roof support trusses. The side walls use dimensional lumber to support corrugated steel panels.

Most of our customers use their pole barns as garages or mechanical workstations as a second option. If you are looking for lighting your new pole barn to be used as a garage or for mechanical working, the method is easy and simple, but the different options are the ones that make the difference. Of course, high bay lights, are the best options available.

The pole barn lights have different installation ways, you need to choose one that is best for you. Such as suspended, pendant mount, hook, mounting bracket, and many more.

About the illumination rate. As mentioned above, the barn can be used for many different types of led lighting, depending on what is the barn used, High Bay fixtures might be the best option in the general market.

The number of lights is very important and it`s straightly close to LED efficiency. If you don’t have a vendor to work with, you can always ask us for a free lighting recommendation and design, we, as always, want to provide you the best lighting solution for your project.

We need to test and choose what you want. Are you building a new structure or updating your existing barn or arena? Our selection of indoor high bay lights will keep your pole barn in constant activity due to our variety of configurations and designs.

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