What is the best lighting for a pole barn?

What is the best lighting for a pole barn?

A pole barn has different purposes. Depending on that, you may or may not benefit from setting up an extensive pole barn lighting project. Some pole barns are used primarily as storage; however, pole barns are popular for several types of specific hobbies, businesses or personal uses. Everything from a workshop to a garage to equestrian barns will necessitate some type of lighting solution.

No matter if you are dealing with a full on or an enclosed horse arena, there are certain aspects to consider about the proper lighting. Since you will commonly rely 100% on lighting, it is a very important aspect that shouldn't be overlooked.

As a general guideline, color temperature of around 5000k provides the highest contrast on colors, which is ideal for working applications.

About the output, Watts. We know that LED lights in general hardly use any power at all.

A good rule, for example, when installing lighting for any interior space is to plan for about 100 - 200 lumens per square foot. Modern LED lights can produce a lot of lumens with minimum power consumption, offering you the best volume of light for the size and efficiency. Anything less than this might leave areas of your pole barn dimly lit. 

Are you building a new structure or updating your existing barn or arena? Our selection of indoor high bays will keep your pole barn in constant activity due to our variety of configurations and designs.

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