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HERO Series

What’s the standard for an excellent LED high bay light? Longsun believe that should be like the Hero series.

Longsun LED high bay light HERO series first use of cold forging process of high bay lamp.
Not only has the familiar appearance of the traditional high bay lamps, it's performance also achieves breakthrough.​​
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Video details

Through the video we can understand it more directly.
Next, we will give you a detailed introduction to our products.
+ Heat dissipation​ ​​
+ B eam angle
+ E fficiency
+ Install the way
+ Waterproof testing
+ Specifications

Efficient heat dissipation

Hero Series use cold forging process, there is no thermal resistance.

Selection of 1060 aluminum, rather than ADC12's aluminum, it can control the LED chip temperature more effectively .

After testing, Hero's ambient temperature is only 30 ℃, the solder joint temperature is lower than 70 ℃.

Higher light efficiency

we use bigger size and more LED chips.

For example, for 60 watt LED high bay light Hero we use 119 PCS LED chips, usually it can use up to 120 watts.

So lumen of Longsun LED high bay Hero series is up to 150LM/W, that is for the whole lighting system not just the lighting source.

IP65 Is Approved

Longsun often hear customers mention that they need lamps for outdoor using. So we need to develop products for humid environment.

This problem has been solved now, because our products have passed the IP65 certification.

Beam Angle

For light distribution, there is not only have 60 ° / 90 ° / 110 ° lens, it can also be equipped with aluminum reflection Lid or PC reflection Lid, to meet different needs.
Installation of HERO series is very easy, it can be suspended or used a bracket to fix to any position.

And the range of rotation is 180 °, so do not need to worry about that you could not find a suitable angle to install.
With Meanwell driver, we have more confidence to assure the quality of the products, we promise 3-5 years guarantee of the products.
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Optional Function
Dali Dontrol
1-10V Dimming
Emergency solution
DALI stand for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface and is a protocol set out in the technical standard IEC 62386.
Lithium batteries are disposable (primary) batteries that have lithium metal orlithium compounds as an anode.
When the electricity was turned off, it can supply the led for 1 hour
LUNSONG provides 0-10v dimming controller, light source for fine-tuning
Plug And Junction Boxes
European standard, American standard, Australian standard, UK standard ,Japanese standard, Southeast Asia standard and......
More optional function please contact us.
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longsun offer a free lighting design for your project
All you need is give us a few information
It's free, really!
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