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How to calculate lumens for a shop when using Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights?

Tony Black |

The easiest way to do it is to plan ahead a bit, you need to know some recommendations depending  on the type of application, consider if you need certain number of Foot Candles  or Square Foot Lumens on what surface, it could be at working level or at the floor level. For example you can review Hero Series High Bay Lights Instruction manual and check some suggested Foot Candle Values for different applications depending on the usage the building or room is going to have.  For example for warehouse aisles 30-40 Foot Candles are suggested normally at the floor level, for a commercial office a 40 to 50 Foot Candles range is suggested. For workshops with fine detailed manufacturing a 70 to 80 Foot Candle range is suggested at working level. Another example for general retail ambient a 50 to 60 Foot Candle range is recommended at floor level.

Then determine lumens necessary. A lumen is  a unit created to mea sure light, it can help to determine how much light gets to the surface you want to lit up. You can get to know the needed lumens by multiplying the building or room square footage  by the building or room Foot Candle requirement.

For example if your workshop is a 300ft long by 200ft deep it would be a 60,000 square foot area and if you consider you will need 60fc then you can multiply that by the square foot area and you get the required lumens 60,000 x 60fc = 3,600,000 lumens and if you are planning to install the High Bay lights at 20ft you can use Hero Series 200w which produce 28,000 lumens each, then you can divide the required lumens by the produced lumens and you get an approximate of the number of lights you might need so in this case it would be 3,600,000 ÷ 28,000 = you would need about 128 or 130pcs 200w Hero Series High Bay Lights.

You can check the specs for Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights on our Hyperlite Store on Amazon or you can also visit our website, over there you can see many lighting diagrams, descriptive videos, reviews from customers, additionally you can look for the Product Sheet button on every product’s web page and you will have access to complete technical specs.  

If you want to get more accurate Foot Candle and Lumens values for your room or building, a lighting recommendation plus a lighting layout and simulation you only need to contact Hyperlite’s Customer Support Service and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or help you would need, you can call our toll free number +1-855-688-7879, or send us an email to or you can visit our facebook Fan page @Hi.Hyperlite.

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