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Andrew Harte

WOW, the sun can be jealous. If I knew how well these lights would work in replacement of metal halide lights that are slow to start much dimmer and consuming ten times the power I would have done it much sooner.


Scott Walton

Almost a year later, 6 of these lights have worked flawlessly to this point in time. Never had one flicker or over temp. Running them at above 110 degrees in an uninsulated garage at 14ft high in the middle of the Arizona desert. I have absolutely zero complaints. Highly recommend


Kyle Wheatley

I have bought this one and the cheaper one. Spend the extra 15-20 bucks and buy this one. Warranty is better, product is better, and my oldest one has been running daily, without hiccup, for over 5 years now in my metal shop in the Texas heat.


Tim Theresa

They light up BRIGHT! Love them and they make any dim place shine bright like a diamond.


Cathy Cocker

I have Tried other brands and so far this has been the best high bay ufo LED that I have purchased. 


Mike Herbert

Been using Hyperlite for all the lighting in my shop and all their products have been great. 

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