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Calculating Shop Lighting Requirements

  • Measure the Room: Start by measuring the width, length, and ceiling height of your shop. If you plan to install lights at a specific height, take note of that as well.

  • Determine Square Footage: Multiply the length by the width to obtain the square footage of your shop.

  • Calculate Minimum Lumens: Multiply the square footage by 70 to get the minimum lumen value required for basic lighting. For example, if your shop is 1,200 sq ft, you'd need a minimum of 84,000 Lumens.

  • Adjust for Specific Use: For detailed work, multiply the square footage by 105 to get a higher lumens value. For instance, a 1,200 sq ft shop for detailed work would require approximately 126,000 Lumens.

Choosing the Right UFO High Bay LED Lights:

Hyperlite offers three series of UFOHigh Bay LED Lights: Hero Series, Radar Series, and Saturn Series.What are the distinctions between these three series?

Wattage Recommendations:

  • Hero Series: 100w (12ft ceilings or lower), 150w (12-16ft ceilings), 200w (14-20ft ceilings), 250w (18-24ft ceilings).

  • Radar Series: 100w (10-14ft ceilings), 150w (14-16ft ceilings), 200w (16-20ft ceilings), 250w (18-24ft ceilings).

Dimmable and Round Pattern Beam

Hero series are dimmable and feature a 120-degree round beam angle, making it ideal for open spaces.

Installation Convenience

The lights come with a US hook for easy hanging with an eye bolt on a rafter, secured by a safety cable. They also feature a standard 120v plug, while the Radar Series is ready for hard-wiring.

Visual Testimonials

Timothy Lowndes - Exactly half of what they recommended. The lighting is great. 18 lights 140x70.

Rodney Scudder Lynn Jr - I love these LED lights so nice and bright in my shop. At a good price makes it even better. Thank you hyper light.

Donna Seitz Wilson - Have a 50x80 16ft lid 16 lights in the shop. They light it up perfectly.

Lighting Projects Share

Explore ourLighting Projects Shareto witness real-world applications of Hyperlite's UFO High Bay LED Lights.

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