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Is UV Light Harmful to Human Health?

Richard Miller |

Ultraviolet lamps (UV lamps) have attracted much attention due to their wide application. From nail salons to disinfection lamps, UV lamps are everywhere in our daily lives. However, are UV lamps harmful to the human body?

What is UV light?

UV lamps are a device that can emit ultraviolet rays. It is a necessary tool for observing the fluorescence and phosphorescence characteristics of samples, and it is also a physical means for sterilization and disinfection. The wavelength is in the range of 10~400 nm. This light has a short wavelength and strong energy. UV lamps are commonly used in the following application scenarios:

  • Nail lamps:  Nail lamps are a common tool in the nail industry. They help nail polish dry quickly through ultraviolet irradiation, making nail art more durable.
The hazards of nail polish lamps.
  • Mosquito killer lamps:  Mosquito killer lamps have gradually become a weapon in summer mosquito killing products. At present, the more common mosquito killer lamps are mainly ultraviolet mosquito killer lamps, which use long-wave ultraviolet rays in the UV spectrum. The reason why mosquito killer lamps can kill mosquitoes is that they use a special living habit of mosquitoes-phototropism.
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  • Disinfection lamps:  It  is used for sterilization and disinfection. This band of ultraviolet light has the strongest sterilization ability and can be used to disinfect water, air, clothing, etc.
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While UV lamps have many beneficial uses, they also pose certain risks to the human body:

Skin damage: Prolonged exposure to UV rays may cause skin burns and even increase the risk of skin cancer.


  • Eye damage: UV rays may cause damage to the eyes, causing eye burns or other long-term problems.
  • Immune system effects: Excessive UV exposure may weaken the immune system. Cause bronchitis and emphysema.


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The reason why ultraviolet UVC light is so powerful is that its main band of 253.7nm light can not only kill viruses and bacteria in the irradiated area, but also damage the eyes and skin if exposed for a long time. Therefore, if you cannot avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays, please follow the following safety measures:

Wear goggles: Goggles (or ordinary glasses, sunglasses) can effectively block ultraviolet damage to the eyes.

Wear protective clothing: Wearing protective clothing (or long-sleeved clothes) can block most of the harmful rays.

Shorten exposure time: Shorten the exposure time of ultraviolet rays as much as possible and leave the irradiation area as soon as possible.

Check the equipment regularly: Make sure the ultraviolet lamp is in good working condition to avoid excessive exposure due to equipment failure.

Follow the operating instructions: Strictly follow the instructions for use of the ultraviolet lamp to avoid unnecessary injuries.


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