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Where can I use ARES Series Parking Lot Lights?

Tony Black |

Hyperlite recommends to use ARES Series LED Parking Lot Lights to lit up any type of large outdoor areas, such as drive ways, parking lots, sports fields, back yards, gardens, entrances, porches, large walls, landscapes, etc. Hyperlite LED Parking Lot Lights ARES Series can be used to improve security, protection and accessibility, they can even be used for landscaping. You can use ARES Series LED Parking Lot Lights for any type of facilities such as churches, schools, commercial malls, squares, children’s playgrounds, outdoor community areas, outdoor entertainment areas, patios, swimming pools, and other outdoor space areas.

ARES Series LED Parking Lot Lights are some of the most efficient light sources in the market. With their higher-efficiency LED chips that provide 135 lumens per watt they illuminate larger areas such as back yards, sports fields, parking lots, driveways, large gardens etc. If you are thinking of upgrading your old traditional outdoor parking lot lamps or area lights to ARES Series LED Parking Lot Lights, do not hesitate, you will be happy with the results and will start saving money, reducing energy consumption and maintenance. Their Type 3 distribution provides wider illumination coverage for larger areas. They come equipped with a photocell so they can work as dusk to dawn luminaires. As an additional option you can use the shorting cap if you do not need to use the dusk to dawn function.

By purchasing and installing these ARES Series LED Parking Lot Lights you will feel  safer and protected as they come with a 5 year warranty against quality related problems and they can also be returned free of charge within 30 days after the product is received, please visit our support and return policy section. If you require more information or would like to get some outdoor lighting recommendations you can call our after-sales service or email your questions to

ARES Series LED Parking Lot Lights are available in the 5000k light color temperature, you can find different wattage versions:  100w (13500LM), 150W (20250LM), 200W (27000LM), 300w (40500LM). ARES Series Parking Lot Lights are IP 65 dust and moist proof, weather resistant, UL and DLC premium LED lighting products . ARES Series Parking Lot Lights are very durable with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours of operation.

With ARES Series LED Parking Lot Lights you will greatly reduce maintenance, energy costs, plus safety will be improved with additional accessibility and much more illumination, making larger areas visible when needed.

ARES Series LED Parking Lot Lights come with three different mounting options, ARES SFM, ARES APM, and ARES TM.

ARES SFM (Slip Fitter Mounting). The ARES SFM LED Parking Lot Light comes with a mounting cap that fits the top of the pole, it can be set to provide from 0 to 60 degree angle upward and downward and with increments of 15 degrees.

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