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What are Linear High Bay lights?

Tony Black |

Linear high bays tend to be rectangular in shape, besides Ufo high bays that are round or, in some cases, “bell” shaped. LED Linear high bay light are ideal for replacing metal halides. These fixtures provide high a long life and great color rendering. The linear high bay reduces energy up to 60% energy consumption and is excellent fits for commercial and industrial uses.

Since they can be mounted directly to the ceiling or hung with chains or cables or a pipe, they are the perfect option to be used in instances like retail spaces, factories, warehouses, aircraft hangars, and manufacturing areas. They are also ideal for conference halls, event centers, large recreational facilities, and fitness centers.

The mounting height is how high the light source is from the floor, meaning the distance from floor to fixture instead of floor to ceiling. Some fixtures are designed for chain mounting and require a minimum suspension distance from the ceiling while others can be surface mounted. It's possible for surface mounted fixtures to require a minimum distance of recessed space between ceiling and fixture for ventilation.

Lighting for high bay ceilings requires thoughtfully designed fixtures. If you would like incredible power of LED, we recommend you to combine the overall design with our selection of linear LED high bay light fixtures. Not only because they consume less energy to cut down on utility costs, but they also offer longer burn times, and lower temperature, which means, they can be left on for hours on end without issue making them great for work areas.

If you are looking for a lighting solution that is practical, affordable, and high-functioning. LED lights are known for saving money, and Hyperlite wants to provide you the best options for your project whether if you are an electrician, contactor, distributor or a regular home customer. You just need to contact us and we will be glad to provide you the best options and recommendation for your projects.

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