60 Degree Acrylic Reflector - Hero Series

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Color - Clear reflector with cover
Optical Data
    Apply to only for LED High Bay Shop Light only for HERO series
    Material Acrylic
    Color Milky Clear
   Dimension  16" * 16" * 7"
   Beam Angle 60°
   Dimension  16" * 16" * 7"
  • 2 Min Installation
    Just twist and screw: the reflector can be installed to an LED high bay shop light within 2 minutes.
  • High Standard & Compact Design
    The high-quality acrylic material design makes the high bay lighting elegant and refined.
  • Excellent Lighting Performance
    Highly reflective coating design helps to maximize light reflectivity.
  • Special Design
    The acrylic reflector is designed for anti-glare and makes the LED light look softer and comfortable.
  • Widely Used
    The acrylic Hero series LED warehouse light can be used both outdoor and indoor, in the factory or warehouse, or used as a low bay light for gyms, shops or shopping malls.


Ask a Question
  • Would the milky or clear reflector be better suited for a workshop? You answered this question with "Yes. If you work long hours in your workshop, you will feel the same as normal sunshine." Which one of the two types do you recommend for this application?

    We would recommend you the clear reflectors better for your workshop as they will distribute light better and let more brightness pass compared to the milky ones, milky reflectors are better recommended when the high bay lights are too bright, they can help to reduce glare better.

  • Should the rounded side of the bottom cover face up or down. Thanks

    If you can see this picture to have an idea:

  • Are the milky white reflectors in????

    They will be available in a few days.

  • When is your next shipment of milk reflectors coming in? I need 6 more to finish up a project.

    60 Degree Acrylic Reflector - Hero Series, will be back in stock around next week, please stay tunned.

  • When will you get another shipment in of the milky white reflectors? I need 6 more.

    60 Degree Milky Acrylic Reflector - Hero Series, will be back in stock around next week, please stay tunned.

  • The answer might be below, but the Q&As are not time stamped. When do you anticipate 4-packs of milky white reflectors to be in stock?

    That product will be in stock next month.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • you keep saying you will have the reflectors but you never get them in what is going on here?? we need more and better information on to when these will be available again. Thank you

    We are really sorry for this delay and apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately our Reflectors for Hero series will be back in stock December 20th. We kindly request you to please wait a couple of weeks to complete your order, or if you prefer you can contact us to our email service01@hi-hyperlite.com to pre order them. We hope this doesn`t affect your projects.  

  • Also looking for the 4-pack of clear reflectors and the only quantity that shows in-stock is the 10-pack. Will you be making the smaller packs available any time soon?

    Sorry for this inconvenience. We received confirmation that we will have our Reflectors avaialble next week. We kindly recommend you to visit our website again if you are still interested.

  • I have a 60x80 metal building with 20' sidewalls and approx. 28' at peak. They want to practice basketball inside. what lighting layout would you recommend. P.S. they want it bright.

    We recommend you to use 12 pcs 250w (4000K or 5000K according to your preferenceThe lighting simulation is for the best and ideal scenarioyou can adjust it according to your needsPlease check your email because we sent you all the information you need for your metal building, and thank you for your preference. 

  • I only need 4 clear reflectors will you break up a 10 pcs for me?? You are sold out of the 4 pcs sets right now?? I will also be ordering 5 more lights to go with it.

    Sorry for this inconvenience, our reflectors will be back in our stock next week. We kindly request you please to complete your order in a couple of days. Sorry for this inconvenience again.

  • when will you have the frosted reflector in stock

    Hero Series LED Milky Reflector will be back in stock around the end of this month.

  • Hi, when will the milky cover be available? Thanks!

    Thank you for your preference. We received confirmation that we will have more of our Milky reflector for our Hero series available by the middle of this month (around September 16th) We kindly request you to please visit our website again in the next days.

  • how do you attach the bottom of the reflector

    Please check your email because we sent you all the information you need to know about mounting our acrylic reflector and thank you for your preference.

  • When will you have clear reflectors in stock

    Thank you for your preferenceWe received confirmation that we will have our clear back in stock by the end of September.

  • Please email me when you have the milky frosted reflector for the Hero series available for shipment. Thank you.

    Thank you for your preference. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Due to the high demand for this first part of the year and due to the global situation It's not possible to provide a specific date to our customer for the moment. We are sorry if this causes you any inconvenience. We will try to get new products as fast as we can. We kindly request you to check for new products in 2 weeks. 🙂

  • hi when will you have the milky reflectors again?

    Hello Arlie. Thank you for your preference. We will have them available maybe next week or the middle of April. Sorry for this inconvenience.

  • Can you send an email when the milky reflectors are back in stock?

    Hello Martelo. Thank you for your preference. Sorry, for this inconvenience. We only have 10pcs available for the moment. We will have more reflectors and other products available in the middle of April.

  • Do the reflectors work on both the 150W and smaller 100W lights?

    The reflectors only can be used on all wattage Hero series lights.

  • Can you email when reflectors are back in stock.

    Yes, of course. I have your email address. I will give you a reply when the reflectors are back in stock.

  • When will these be back in stock? Can we just do a back order to ensure we can get them when they are back in stock??

    The reflectors will be back to stock within this week.

  • Hi- I purchased four Hyperlite fixtures and need to order the Milky reflectors. Can I order these directly from you? How much is the shipping to 19144?

    Hello, you can buy the reflectors from us. It is Hyperlite Led official online store. But they are sold out now. (14th Nov.) The new reflectors will be back to stock around 20th Nov. I can send you a notification email when I have them. Thanks.

  • When will you have acrylic milky reflectors again?

    Hello Dimitry,

    Greetings from Hyperlite!

    Sorry for the inconvenience but milky reflectors will be available again this month around the 20th (November 2019).

    Best Regards,
    Hyperlite Support Team

  • I need 15 of the reflectors for the hero lights. Can I buy another reflector to fit?

    I don't know if any other manufacturer makes our reflector. So far, we haven't found the same product which can replace our reflector. So I do not suggest you buy other reflectors. And we will have the reflector on the middle of Nov 2019.

  • when are you guys getting more hero series refelectors in ? I just purchased 8 of your 100 watt lights and need the reflectors

    The new reflectors will be back to stock on the beginning of Nov.

  • Would the milky or clear reflector be better suited for a workshop?

    Yes. If you work long hours in your workshop, you will feel the same as normal sunshine.

  • When will these be available again?

    Middle of Oct, thanks.