Everything You Need to Know About High Bay Lighting.

Everything You Need to Know About High Bay Lighting.

Most of us have heard before about the gods of the LED light fixtures and how Good they are to save money because of its efficiency. The most important hardware piece in fact is the driver. Hyperlite Lighting warrants five years warranty from the date of purchase or 50,000 hours of operation. Most of LED lights in the market offer different warranty time periods, but Hyperlite gives you 5 years like most of the best and more efficient LED lights in the general market.

In terms of resistance, our products are IP65 rated. That certifies that they are sturdy, weather resistant, dust and moist proof and even you can use them outdoors without any inconvenience. In fact, all of products are built to last, durable and rugged LED light fixtures that do not contain glass or similar to glass breakable materials, they do not contain mercury or other harmful substances in comparations to the traditional fluorescent or metal halide lamps.

About the Head dissipation System. We know that LEDs give off less heat than your typical incandescent or fluorescent light, but they create heat all the same. In order to live out their 50,000+ hour lifespan, they must effectively and efficiently pull heat away from the LED. Quality LED lights use metal heat sinks with fins to pull away and store the heat the light produces. Take it in consideration when buying your next LED light.

Our high bay lights from Hyperlite can protect your economy and the environment, with them you can get energy savings of over 50% to 60% compared to common traditional fluorescent or metal halide lamps, additionally Hyperlite's high bay lights have a longer life span with 50,000 hours of operation compared to 30,000 or less hours of operation of traditional sources of light, and in that way you reduce packaging waste, transportation and many luminaire replacements.

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