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Everything You Need to Know About High Bay Lighting.

Tony Black |

High bays are usually powerful fixtures that can be configured in a wide variety of setups to suit the precise needs of the user and the environment.

High bay lights are available in numerous different fitting and reflector types and fixture positions will deliver markedly different results, from intense overhead spotlighting effects to a softer, more diffuse glow spread over a wider area.

Use them for warehouse lighting. This is one of the most common scenarios for High bay lights setups, where huge interior dimensions can make these spaces inherently challenging to illuminate uniformly. There are dozens different configurations to choose from when installing warehouse High bay lights. Given that many such workplaces operate 24 hours a day, High bay lightssetups have become very popular due to their significantly lower running and maintenance costs over time.

Use them as shop lights. Among the most typical setups found in high bay shop lighting today is our Hero series, helping them deliver bright and uniform lighting over wide areas.

Use them for industrial lighting. Modern LED configurations have gained major traction in recent years - largely because safety, precision and quality are key concerns in all industrial environments. Instant-on functionality, and suitability for use with microwave activation sensors, are both significant advantages of LED industrial lighting and part of our Radar Series.

Use them for your garage. High-quality garage lighting is crucial for good efficiency and quality of work. Particulates, fumes and other pollutants can quickly occlude or damage high or low bay fixtures that aren’t up to the rigors of the environment, resulting in severely compromised quality and consistency of lighting. Our most popular choice for high bay lights in garages, are our Linear lights. This is due to their suitability for use in environments where excellent color rendition.

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