1-10V Dimmer

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(Notes: This product is suitable for LED high bay light and linear high bay light.)


  • The Scope of Application
    This dimmer switch is used with up to 700W led high bay lights.
  • 1-10V Range Dimming
    This dimmer switch of led high bay lights with a large rocker for turning on/off lights or preset levels. Easy-to-operate slider for precise sliding to brighten/dim light for your eyes light changes. The micro-adjustment turning wheel allows 1-10V dimming control of the LED lights. When you turn the light to gray, you can turn the steering wheel to turn it around to avoid flickering light under the gray tone.
  • Sturdy and Durable Housing
    Sturdy impact-resistant thermoplastic housing, smooth touch. Hyperlite not only provides a solid and durable product but also more beautiful for your building, attention to the unified coordination of the dimmer, and the environment.
  • Installation Precautions
    Please read the installation instructions carefully before installation, make sure to turn off the power supply of the circuit breaker or fuse before installing or replacing the dimmer switch, according to the operation instructions to the wire. Please consult an electrician or Hyperlite if you have any questions.
  • 5-Year Trustworthy Warranty
    Hyperlite dimmers are UL certified, safe, and reliable. Within 30 days from the date of purchase, Hyperlite will provide a free return if it fails due to materials or workmanship.


Ask a Question
  • Can I see the installation instructions and/or technical documentation for the 1-10V Dimmer?

    Yes, please use the link here: https://bit.ly/3suMTtx

  • How to convert a hyper lite CES-LS-VEGA-65W50LA-BZ to a dimmer lite.

    Unfortunately that model name of Vega Series is not dimmable, the driver won't allow the dimming function.

  • Hello can this dimmer be used with traditional flush can lights with dimable led lamps? And or the retro can led trims with light integrated as a retro plug in?

    The 1-10V Dimmer can be used with regular compatible LED fixtures that can be wired using two low voltage dimming wires. Please visit https://bit.ly/3stsByU and https://bit.ly/3x9eJxA for more information on can lights.

  • I have ten 150watt hero lights and would like to dim them through the 1-10 volt purple and gray wire. Can I dim them all on one dimmer.

    The dimmer can control 700w, they will control 4 of 150w.

  • Will this switch turn the 200w 4000k hero off if wired with the extra leads (purple and gray)?

    Yes, you can use the 1-10V Dimmer with up to 3pcs 200w High Bay Lights and still turn them on. Please check out the 1-10V Dimmer Instruction manual here: https://bit.ly/3foUeX1

  • I read that you sell the wire to use with the dimmers. Where can I find that?

    Actually you can use regular low voltage wire, we do not offer that wire for sale, we suggest you to use number 18 or 16 awg wire.

  • Where on the 150W led high bay light do I make the connections to the 1-10 v dimmer? There were no details on the instructions that came with my lights.

    If you got Hero Series High Bay Lights they come with two diming wires (gray and purple) at the top of the fixture you need to connect those two wires to a low voltage 1-10V dimmer. If you got Tale Series you would need to cut the wire as seen on the descriptive video in its webpage: https://bit.ly/3pLZgzN and connect the dimming wires to the 1-10v dimmer.

  • What gauge wire is recommended for wiring the 0-10v switch ? How do I control 16 100w highbay lights with one switch ?

    There are two regular ways of installationFirst one (16 units connection): In this waydimmer doesn't serve as a switchlights will not be turned off completelybecause our power is 1-10v instead of 0-10v, even the dimmer is in its lowest valuethe light will be slightThe second way (720W power control): in this way, and also dimmer can be used as a switchPlease check your email because we just sent you the complete information for both installations.

  • What is the color of the face of the switch

    The face of the switch is white as it is shown on the website pictures.

  • How many Hyperlite LED High Bay Light - Black Hero Series 150W - 21000lm lights can 1 dimmer control?

    Our 1-10v Dimmer can control around 16 lights or 720W maximum depending on them connection. Please check your email because we sent you all the information you need about the dimmer connection,and  thank you for your preference. 

  • I have sent the technical data to sales@hyperlite.com as requested but have not had a reply to this date. Can you tell me if this dimmer will handle three high bays together. Here is the tech data again. Thanks.Model # 50232162 Part # HB-171-850-MV-D 120-277V 171W 50/60Hz 18,000lm 5000K 0-10V Dimming

    Thank you for your email and question, we contacted management to check it, you should get a reply soon.

  • Will this dimmer work with three 170W ETI model 50232162 2ft. linear high bays

    Thank you so much for your question, please send all the technical details of those linear high bay lights to sales@hi-hyperlite.com and we will review and check if that light is compatible.

  • I have the hero light 150 watt that plugs in. I also bought the dimmer. What wire do I need to connect the light to the dimmer and will this dimmer shut the light off.

    The Hero series comes with a Grey and purple wires for the dimmer connection. Please check our manual for more information about the installation and use of our dimmer, which you can use to turn on or off the fixture depending on the installation.

  • Need a dimmer how can I get on the list (150 watt led) bought from you.

    Our 0-10v Dimmer will be available around this coming Thursday please check our website.

  • When will your dimmer switch be back in stock.

    The 0-10v Dimmer will be back in stock around the middle of this month.

  • looking to install 15 Hero 150W high bay lights and would like to make all of them dim-able. How many dimmer switches would I need?

    You might need four of  the 0-10v Dimmers we offer so you can also use them as switches, it depends on the type of configuration you use, you can also use just one dimmer with 15 150w lights but in that type of configuration the dimmer will not work as a switch. Please check the different configurations by following this link: https://bit.ly/2BAhC21

  • Hello, I need to get a dimmer switch. I purchased 3 highbay lights which will be running on one circuit, I am assuming that I can dim all three using a single dimmer? Please let me know when they are back in stock, as I need it asap. Thx! Matt

    One of our 0-10V Dimmers can dim up to 700W which is to say for example 7 Hero Series High Bay Lights 100W or 4 Hero Series 150W or 3 Hero Series 200W. unfortunately, our Dimmer is out of stock for the moment. Please check back our page in two weeks, but don't worry, we will contact you back as soon as we have more dimmers available.

  • Hello. I need a dimmer switch. Is there a way to prepurchase a dimmer switch or arrange to be notified when back in stock?

    Thank you for your interest in our products. Our dimmer will be available again in two weeks. We will contact you back as soon as we have them available.

  • Can the dimmer be used with the TALE series lights?

    Yes, you can use the 0-10v Dimmer with TALE Series, please visit https://bit.ly/3cdgGwX and scroll down to the descriptive video for TALE Series lights and you will see the steps needed for installation with dimming function.

  • Do I need to run a purple and gray set of dimming wires to the lights?

    Yes, to use the dimmer you need to connect the high bay lights dimming wires to the 0-10v Dimmer.

  • when will the 0-10V Dimmer be available. It is on backorder currently 1/29/20

    Hello Steven. We thank you for your preference. We kindly recommend you to please wait for a couple of weeks We received confirmation that we will have them on stock next month. sorry for this inconvenience.

  • Does this work for a three way light switch.

    Hello Steven. We thank you for your preference. We are sorry for the inconvenience. For the moment our 0-10v dimmer only works for a to way light switch.

  • Will this dimmer turn the HYPERLITE 4000K White 100W CRI>80 13,500LM Dimmable High Bay LED Shop Light off. I have read reviews that this dimmer does not turn the fixture completely off.

    The dimmer can not turn the HYPERLITE 4000K White 100W CRI>80 13,500LM Dimmable High Bay LED Shop Light off. It can be dimmed to 10% brightness.

  • Do you need an additional driver with this switch for them to dim? 1 have 10ct 150W, I understand i need Qty 3 0-10V Dimmers. Additionally I would like to know if Drivers are needed?

    Hello Michel. One of our 1-10V Dimmers can dim up to 700W, that is to say for example 7 Hero Series High Bay Lights 100W or 4 Hero Series 150W or 3 Hero Series 200W.

  • I have 20 150w high bay LEDs with dimmable, can I use separate switches for main 110v power and just this one dimmer to control all 20 LEDs light output?

    Hello Tin. Thank you for your preference. One of our 0-10V Dimmers can dim up to 700W. That is to say for example 7 Hero Series High Bay Lights 100W or 4 Hero Series 150W or 3 Hero Series 200W. Please take in consideration this for your installation and we kindly recommend you to contact a local electrician.  

  • how many 250 watt led high bay lights can the dimmer be attached to?

    Hello Greg, one of our 0-10V Dimmers can dim up to 700W that is to say for example:

    7 Hero Series High Bay Lights 100W or 4 Hero Series 150W or 3 Hero Series 200W.

    For a 250w light, it will only be able to handle 2 lights.

  • Can the dimmer control high bay lights that are plugged in or do they have to be hardwired?

    We only have a plug for power supply. So they have to be hardwired.

  • Can this dimmer be used with 2 or 3 150 watt Hero lights?

    Yes. If the power supply is 110V, the max quantity of lights you can wire is 12pcs lights.

  • Is this dimmer compatible with your 100 watt Led Wall pack lighting and will it fit into a standard residential switch box?

    Yes. The dimmer only can be used on 100watt & 120watt wall pack lighting and fit into a standard residential switch box.

  • Can one dimmer control three light

    Yes, you can. But do not exceed the maximum current or power of the dimmer.