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Hyperlite Led High Bay Light 5000K - TALE Series

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  • ☎ Excellent Lighting Performance: HYPERLITE Tale series high bay light has passed DLC energy efficiency certification, and 1realizing the whole system efficiency of 140 lm/W. The total luminous flux reaches 14000 lumens, which is equivalent to the traditional 450W high-pressure sodium lamp and can save energy up to 80%. With 1-10v dimming function, brightness can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • ☎ Elegant Design: With the perfect radial design, led high bay light - Tale series uses thickened all-aluminum die-cast housing, and aluminum scales increase heat dissipation area, improve heat dissipation performance and ensure stable operation of light source. The high light transmission annular mask is made of PC material, which makes the light soft and not dazzling, and reduces the glare of high bay led lighting.
  • ☎ Easy Installation: This UFO high bay light can be installed in 3 minutes and provides 2 installation methods, HOOK and U-bracket (please note that U-bracket needs to be purchased extra). A motion sensor that can be installed in 3 seconds can sense objects within 45.92ft of the diameter of LED high bay light and automatically switch in 5 seconds (please note that the motion sensor needs to be purchased extra).
  • ☎ Safe Use: Hyperlite high bay light is IP65 grade, impervious and waterproof; Suitable for lighting in warehouses, workshops, exhibition halls, logistics centers, etc. This high bay led light has passed UL's authoritative certification and is safe to use.
  • ☎ Hyperlite Benefits: This UFO LED high bay light can work for 50,000 hours. It has a long service life and avoids the trouble of repeated replacement. Hyperlite high bay light enjoys a 5-year assurance, backed by industry-leading commitment and knowledgeable support experts, and is devoted to providing customers with high-quality led lights.

Hyperlite tale series light product sheet