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High bay LED lights are a popular choice for lighting large spaces with high ceilings, such as warehouses, factories, gyms, and indoor sports facilities. When it comes to lighting a commercial or industrial space, high bay lights are an important component. High bay lights are designed to provide a large amount of light in a concentrated area, but one of the most important aspects of installing high bay lights is determining their correct height. In this blog post we will discuss what the height of a high bay light should be.

If you happen to need to install lights, this article will give you more ideas on factors to consider when installing high bay led lights.

Factors to Consider:

1、Ceiling Height: Ceiling height is a primary factor in determining the mounting height of high bay LED lights. Hyperlite offers a range of high bay LED lights suitable for various ceiling heights, ranging from 10 feet to over 25 feet.

2、Light Distribution: Hyperlite's high bay LED lights are designed to provide uniform illumination over a wide area. Mounting height should be chosen based on the light distribution pattern of the fixtures to ensure adequate coverage without causing glare or dark spots.

3、Task Requirements: Consider the specific tasks and activities performed in the space. Hyperlite's high bay LED lights are versatile and can be customized to meet different task requirements, whether it's precision tasks in warehouses or general lighting in gyms.

4、Safety Regulations: Hyperlite complies with safety regulations and industry standards, ensuring that their high bay LED lights meet minimum lighting levels and mounting height requirements to create a safe working environment.

Mounting Height Guidelines:

1、10-16 Feet: For spaces with ceiling heights between 10 to 15 feet, Hyperlite recommends installing high bay LED lights at the lower end of this range, using 100W/150W to achieve optimal lighting intensity and uniformity.s: 100/150/200/250 watts | Brightness: 14000/21000/28000/35000 lumens | Color Temperature: 4,000/5000k

2、16-20 Feet: Ceiling heights between 16 to 20 feet require mounting high bay LED lights at moderate heights, using 200W for sufficient light distribution while minimizing glare and shadows.

3、20 Feet and Above: Spaces with ceiling heights exceeding 20 feet may require mounting high bay LED lights at higher positions, using 250W for ample lighting coverage without causing excessive glare or over-illumination.

Choosing the correct mounting height for high bay LED lights is essential so you can achieve adequate lighting and energy efficiency in large indoor spaces.

If you have no idea about the height of the hanging lights for your current building, you can contact us directly and we will help you provide you with suitable options to meet the specific needs of its application.