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The Best LED Linear High Bay Light For Your Warehouse In 2021

The Best LED Linear High Bay Light For Your Warehouse In 2021

Tony Black |

This is a great year to upgrade your lighting, mainly because LED Lights are becoming more affordable and with great options in the market such as Hyperlite’s Will Series, Hero Series, Apollo Series, and Radar Series LED High Bay Lights.

Led Linear High Bay Light - Will Series

Each Will Series Linear High Bay Light uses 588 chips 2835 type highly efficient, up to 130 Lumens per watt, with it you can potentially save hundreds of dollars in energy utility bills every year. Anti-glare is enhanced with aluminum strips added between the LED stripes importantly diffusing strong light avoiding glare.

led grow light stripes

Will Series Linear High Bay Lights are available in different wattages: 110w, 160w, 220w, and 320w, and in 5000K color temperature.Will Series are commercial grade LED panel lights which have a solid structure and efficient heat dissipation, compared with traditional metal housings, Will Series are made with aviation aluminum, creating a compact, thick and solid fixture.

Fin design is used to maximize the heat dissipation surface accelerating air circulation, improving heat dissipation performance, protecting LED chips ensuring the long lifespan of Will Series Linear High Bay Lights.


Will Series Linear High Bay Lights are better recommended if you are planning to have plenty of shelves and aisles in your warehouse. But if you are planning to have an open space or several open spaces in your warehouse then the best way to go is using Hero Series, Apollo Series or Tale Series UFO (Round) High Bay Lights.

Hero Series and Apollo Series High Bay Lights, these bay and high bay lights come standard with a US hook, which can be easily hung using an eye bolt (or eye lag screw) directly attached to the ceiling truss or rafter, something great is that these high bay lights come with a US standard 110V plug.


So you would only need to have a receptacle near (the fixtures come with a 5ft cord), plug and play, additionally you have the safety wire which should always be used around a truss, rafter or using a security eye bolt in order to avoid any fall accidents. And Hero Series and Apollo Series come with their dimming function, to use it you would only need to connect the two dimming wires coming from the top of the fixtures with a compatible low voltage 1-10V or 0-10V LED Dimmer.

Hyperlite offers its own dimmer switch you can see it going to and surfing to the Accessories menu, it is the first option “LED Dimmer”. An additional plus would be to use the Acrylic LED Reflectors, exclusively designed for Hero Series (Hero Series Only), to use this accessory you would only need to screw it with the provided four small screws to the bottom of the Hero Series High Bay Lights, these acrylic reflectors come in two colors milky (frosted) and clear (translucent).

led Acrylic

The next easiest example is Tale Series, this style UFO LED High Bay Light does not come with a 110V plug but ready for hard-wiring.

The advantage of these fixtures is that it can be equipped with its accessory motion sensor (Motion Sensor – Tale Series) and through it the fixture can be dimmed down and/or set up for many occupancy sensing features, using the separately sold Remote Controller - Tale Series. Tale Series also comes with a standard US Hook and safety wire.

If you consider you will need help or even if you do not feel comfortable to make a decision about the type of indoor lighting (high bay lights) or the quantity you will need for your project, the only thing you need to remember is that Hyperlite is here to help you with every aspect related to your next LED upgrade.


With the most advanced technology Hyperlite offers top quality LED High Bay Lights, with higher energy efficiency, lower maintenance and backed up with a five year warranty against quality related problems, free shipping and a thirty day return policy.

So the only two necessary tasks you need to do in order to get an excellent start for your lighting project is to measure your building width, length and ceiling height and contact Hyperlite through a phone call, a facebook message, a message through the product website ( or just send a layout request through email to


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