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How Does Light Help Plants Grow?

Tony Black |

Light is one of the many things plants need to grow and develop well. (Plants need light, air, water, soil, certain temperature, humidity, etc.) Light helps plants with their photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process within a plant that turns light, oxygen and water into carbohydrates.

Plants need photosynthesis to create energy in the form of carbohydrates. Plants need to form some sort of carbohydrate or energy reserves in order to live and grow. Without adequate light plants’ energy reserves will get depleted and plants can stop growing or die. Plants are autotroph, which means plants can self-feed or self-nourish. Through photosynthesis plants basically create their own food or energy to grow and live.

A good question is: What kind of light do plants need?
All types of plants need light to grow, but not all types of light are good for plants. Not all types of light or plants are the same. When we ask what type or kind of light do plants need? We must be referring to the different colors of light available in the useful light spectrum for plants to grow.

Most experts will tell us that plants need the blue light color contained in the light spectrum more than the red tones of light. Blue light tones in the spectrum help plants to grow, the type of sources of light which provide more blue tones are daylight (the sun), fluorescent lighting and LED Grow Lights. Incandescent and halogen lights will not work for growing plants, they produce more red and plants will not like it and will not grow.

If we are speaking about light for plants when sunlight is not available or when you are planning to have some tents to grow plants indoors, we must consider which the best LED grow lights available are. LED Grow Lights can affect in different ways plants development.

The best shot to cover this aspect would be to choose full spectrum grow lights; this can even help increase your yields. Hyperlite currently offers Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Groplanner O Series and Groplanner I Series, with them you can increase your yields up to 30% more compared to regular grow lights, their full spectrum (400~700nm, 660nm, and IR 760nm) helps to optimize and complete your plants development and all growth stages from seed to flower.

Groplanner O Series provides Blue Light 5000K which accelerates stem growth and promote plants sprout, White Light 3000K which promotes plants photosynthesis, helping plants get more nutrients, Red Light 660nm which speeds up the flowering and fruiting stages, Infra-Red Light 760nm which speeds up the Phytochrome conversion thus helping produce greater yields.

Groplanner O series LED Grow Lights come with a built-in smart Wi-Fi control chip and can be controlled through the Tuya mobile phone app with on/off switching, dimming and timing features.
The LED Grow Lights you choose should be durable, sturdy and well-made. Groplanner O Series and Groplanner I Series are made using best quality materials and manufacture with a longer lifespan of over 60,000 hours of operation and backed up with 3 years of warranty against quality related issues.  

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