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Actually it is a good Idea to replace your old induction lamps with Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights!

Tony Black |

Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are much better and more advanced technology compared to induction lighting. With Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights you get higher energy efficiency, 130 to 140 Lumen per Watt, Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are heavy duty, shock and vibration resistant. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights can last more longer hours, they come with a five (5) year warranty against quality issues or 50,000 hours of operation. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights have a 5% lower lumen depreciation compared to induction lighting. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights turn on instantly without flickering. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are offered in different color temperatures 4000K or 5000K as you may prefer. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights come with higher Color Rendering values 80 to 90 CRI. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights provide more and additional controllability features as dimming function and motion sensing .

Hyperlite  offers two main types of LED High Bay Lights: UFO High Bay Lights and Linear High Bay Lights.

Amongst UFO High Bay Lights we have Hero Series, Tale Series and Apollo Series. Hero, Tale and Apollo Series were designed to be used for higher installation settings from 14ft to 25ft or higher, 110V to 277V AC. Hero, Tale and Apollo Series have dimming capabilities, you can use their dimming function by connecting them to a 0-10v or 1-10v compatible low voltage dimmer switch. Tale Series can be equipped with a motion sensor accessory and take further advantage of LED controllability by using the Remote Controller - Tale Series, you can use one remote control with several Radar Series High Bay Lights. Hero Series and Apollo Series are really easy to install because they come with a 110v US Standard Plug, so with them you will only need to have a power receptacle or ceiling/wall outlet to start getting brighter illumination, of course you can hang Hero, Saturn or Tale Series High Bay Lights using the included US hook and safety wire, if you do not want to use the dimming function you can just leave the dimming wires covered. With Hero Series you have two additional accessories options: LED Reflector – Hero Series, which reduces the beam angle from 120 to 60 degree and makes the light more comfortable to everyone’s sight avoiding glare, and the Surface Mount – Hero Series, to perform a flush mount that also allows for a fixed light at an angle installation.

Amongst Linear High Bay Lights we have Will Series High Bay Lights. Hyperlite LED Linear High Bay Lights are considered the best option for shops, super markets, shopping malls, large stores, warehouses, studios, large restaurant kitchens, art and design studios, large office areas, etc.,  with ceilings below 21’ because they provide the best spread of light due to the rectangular pattern. These type of high bay lights are specifically designed to be used above aisles, Hyperlite LED Linear High Bay Lights provide excellent light spread coverage with their 120 degree beam angle.

Will Linear High Bay Lights currently are offered in 4 versions 110w (14300LM), versions 160w (20800LM), versions 220w (28600LM) and 320w (41600LM) (UL and DLC approved). Higher energy efficiency 130 Lumens per Watt, input voltage from 110v to 277v AC, a beam angle of 120 degree, excellent CRI 80Ra dimensions  25.6’’ x 15.6’’ x 4.3’’ (2.1 ft. long for 110w and 160w versions), 49.2’’ x 15.6’’ x 4.3’’ (4.1 ft. long for 220w and 320w versions), they come with a 5 year warranty against quality-related issues and 50000 hours of operation.

Will Linear High Bay Lights are also known as panel LED lights and have many great features, they are antiglare the housing has aluminum strips near the 2853 type LEDs which prevent the uncomfortable glare. Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights come with a solid housing structure with good heat dissipation, the housing is made of aviation aluminum, heat dissipation performance is improved with its fin design that maximizes and accelerates air circulation. With Will Linear High Bay Lights you can also have additional optional functions 1-10v dimming, emergency power compatible accessories for enhanced personal, facility, and equipment safety, with Motion Sensor – Will Series you can get advantage of the inductive switching function and increase your energy savings.

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