How can customers get warranty from Hyperlite LED company?

How can customers get warranty from Hyperlite LED company?

How can customers get warranty from Hyperlite LED company?

All our customer can claim the respective warranty if any of our products presents a malfunction or stops working at all.

If you think the light or some of its features are not working properly, the only thing you need to do is to contact us and we will provide you with the returning process after you fulfill some basic and easy requirements such as letting us know your order number, an explanation of the issue, a couple of pictures and a short video. Then our warehouse staff will examine all the aspects of your warranty claim and provide a returning label. Then you would need to ship back the defective product to the provided returning address and after it is received, the warehouse staff will send the correct new replacement. The most important aspect to be eligible for warranty is to keep the order number. So if you purchased your product directly from us through our website, or on Amazon through our Amazon Store, or on Ebay you need  the respective order number.

The Limited Warranty is void in the following situations:

If the purchaser or the user fails to comply with Hyperlite’s recommendations, if any product components are replaced with similar ones from a different manufacturer, if the product is operated outside of the specified electrical values or if the product is subject to abnormal use or stress, including under or over voltage conditions, excessive (on/off) switching cycles, and outside of specified environmental conditions (e.g. extremely high temperatures) form normal and safe operation.

Some additional directions to make the Warranty Claim

Hyperlite issues a Return Material Authorization (RMA) for al reviewed warranty applications. To start the warranty claim process, keep the defective products and notify your Hyperlite Sales or Customer Service Representative in writing within thirty days of the product failure. After contacting Hyperlite and getting an RMA number. The purchaser shall promptly return the defective product, after receiving instructions of where and when to ship the defective product. The product shall be returned within 10 days of RMA number reception, the shipping box/package must be clearly marked with the respective RMA number. Failure to follow this procedure instructions shall void the Limited Warranty. Hyperlite reserves the right to examine all failed products to determine the cause of  failure or malfunction, the patterns of usage, Hyperlite becomes the sole judge as to declare whether any product is defective with quality issues and covered under this Limited Warranty.

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