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What is a commercial grade Wall Pack Light

Tony Black |

When you speak about commercial grade fixtures you normally consider sturdy housings preferably made of metalic materials, super durable, highly weather resistant, dust an moist proof at least IP65 grade, incredibly strong finishing fixture painting and colors, highly shatter resistant, increased lifespan, and backed up with a real warranty against quality related problems. Also speaking about outdoor lighting specifically about LED Wall Pack Lights two great examples we have are Hyperlite's Moon Series and Wall-E Series Wall Pack Lights. With Wall-E Series Wall Pack Lights you get many advantages besides getting a real commercial grade wall pack light, you get higher energy efficiency, 130 Lumens per Watt, meaning you use less energy and produce more light, thus saving money at the same time while getting larger areas lit up with a brighter light, for example a Wall-E Series Wall Pack light 40 Watts emists 5,200 Lumens of “True White” 5000K coolight color temperature and can be compared or replace an old 175 Watt Metal-Halide wall pack light, saving up to 85% in your following electric utility bills.  Wall-E Series Wall Pack Lights come with a fantastic design, excellent for outdoor walls to lit up many spaces such as outdoor alleways, parking lots, commercial outdoor spaces, yards, patios, etc., etc.  Wall-E Series Wall Pack Lights with its robust die-cast housing built with coated bronze – aluminum alloy for increased durability and weather resistance, moist and dust proof IP65 are just perfect to provide a strong powerful accent light to your building.  Wall-E Series Wall Pack Lights LED chips make them even more rugged and durable, its LED 3030 chips are big-size and provide higher brightness for over 100,000 hours of operation lifespan, very long term use, shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses protect the LED chips and avoid uncomfortable glare while providing more accessibility and security for your outdoor spaces.

Wall-E Series Wall Pack Lights are easy and safe to use,  a Wall-E Series Wall Pack Lights comes with a 0 to 90 degree adjustable tilt head and full cut-off excellent design for directional illumination you point and aim the light beam where you need it, with easy, precise onsite adjustment capabilities. With Wall-E Series Wall Pack Lights, you avoid disturbing your neighbours,  minimizing light pollution.

Wall-E Series Wall Pack Lights general specifications include: 100 to 277V input voltage, CCT 5000K Daylight, full cut-off beam angle, Aluminum alloy housing. Three wattage different versions: 40W (5,200LM), 60W (7,800LM), 100W (13,000LM)

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