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How can I dim my Hyperlite LED high bay Lights?

Tony Black |

For old traditional high bay lights you would only need to restrict the power going to the bulb and in that way you would dim it down. For LED High Bay Lights that type of set up does not work. LED components need DC instead of AC. LED high bay lights use signal based dimming, this is known as 0-10V dimming, you get dimming levels from 0% equals to OFF, going through 1% to 100% full brightness using 1V to 10V signal. The amount from one to ten volts signal tells the LED driver how bright it should be, actually the drive does the dimming.

With the addition of LED components to high bay lights you get many advantages. One of the most important advantages that one can get when using LED High Bay Lights is their enhanced controllability. One of the main controllability features of Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights is their dimming function. LED High Bay Lights can be dimmed from 10% to 100% brightness using a regular 1-10V or 0-10V dimmers and connecting the specifically designated pair of dimming wires to the compatible low voltage LED Dimmer Switch.

If you want to use for example Hero Series' dimming function you can use their purple and gray low voltage dimming wires and connect them to our 1-10V Dimmer . For this type of connection or wiring we suggest you to use low voltage shielded wire, it can be 18awg or 16awg gauge wire.
Our 1-10V Dimmer can be used with groups of up to 700w led high bay lights and still work as an ON – OFF switch, otherwise the 1-10V Dimmer will only dim down the LED High Bay Lights until 10% but will not turn the lights off. Our 1-10V Dimmer  has a large rocker for turning ON – OFF or adjusting  the preset dimming levels. With its easy to operate slider you can accurately dim or brighten the light produced by the LED High Bay Lights. The 1-10V Dimmer can be easily set up with its minimum light level knob, maximum light level knob and slider (Refer to the 1-10V Dimmer instruction manual for dimming range adjustment steps directions). You also have different options to set the 1-10V Dimmer  (Refer to the 1-10V Dimmer instruction manual). Another good example is Radar  Series High Bay Lights, with Radar Series the difference is that you need to cut a wire that goes from the power pack to the motion sensor socket, shown on its web page video, separate the low voltage dimming wires (usually gray and purple) and perform the same set up as with Hero Series.

Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights has the 1-10V dimming function as one of its optional ones so the you would only need to perform the same connection and wiring as with Hero Series.


For Will Series and Tale Series you can also dim the lights without having to install the 1-10V Dimmer switch, if you use the accessory Motion Sensor – Will Series or Motion Sensor Tale Series, you can dim the lights using the mentioned motion sensor accessory and you can even control the dimming level with a remote control.

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