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How to get free light simulation from Hyperlite Led Company?

Tony Black |

Fortunately for you we at Hyperlite work with lighting simulation and that will help you to know more about:

The features of our lights, the number of lights we recommend you to use, the wattage for the lights, the dimensions of your building, you will see the number of foot candles you will have direct and indirect on the different sufaces like Workplane, Floor, Ceiling and Walls. Then you will see a 3D image showing how your building or space will look, this picture has different colors and each color mean or show you the number of foot candles, White has 60 foot candles or more, Red has 50 - 59 foot candles, Orange has 40 - 49 foot candles, Yellow has 30 - 39 foot candles, Blue, Green, Sky Blue has the same value 20 - 29 foot candle, Purple has 10 - 19 foot candle and finally Black has 0 foot candle. You will find a value chart and isolines for workplane and floor. After the simulation has been done we will send you and a pdf with all the information mentioned above.
We only need four things to run a simulation for you and are: Your email or user name to send you the information, the Lenght, Width and specially the Ceiling Height or the Height you planned to install the lights because if we do not have the Height we can not determine the wattage we should recommend you and that can affect the entire simulation and you can get a wrong light or lights and we only want to provide you with the best service so that you can trust us and count on us for your future projects.

Why are we saying all this things?
Because we want to inform you about the service we are providing our customers and what kind of service we are offering you.

You can request a simulation for your building through our:

Phone call: +1(855)688 7879
Facebook: @Hi.Hyperlite you can send us a message or you can comment on some of our posts with the information we need to run a simulation for you.
Website: and in our website we have a questions section and a live chat where we will answer your questions about our products.

Do not worry if you can remember what information you need to provide because if something is missing we will ask you.

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