Why would I recommend Hyperlite LED high bay lights to a friend? Simply, because they are the best!

Why would I recommend Hyperlite LED high bay lights to a friend? Simply, because they are the best!

Most owners and contractors already know that state of the art LED technology greatly reduces electricity bills while improving many aspects such as superb light controllability, lifespan hours of operation, improved luminaires design, safety, accessibility, security, and care for the environment. With Hyperlite's correct advice and support you can get all those benefits and more!

If you are looking for the best LED UFO high bay lights out there, we can tell you that Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are the best ones! Because they have the highest energy efficiency, best quality materials and manufacture, with higher and appropriate water and dust protection, longer lifespan, easy installation with a solid warranty against quality-related problems plus after-sales service.Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights were designed to replace traditional (HID, Metal Halide, and High Pressure Sodium) high bay lights.

If you are looking for premium quality LED manufacture and materials we recommend you Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights.

Hero Series, Tale Series and Apollo LED UFO High Bay Lights feature premium quality aluminum heat sinks designed to maximize heat dissipation and extended operation hours, increasing Hyperlite's UFO High Bay Lights LED components lifespan providing protection and maximizing cooling surface contact. The LED optical enclosure is IP65 rated, meaning strong protection against dust and moist, so you can even use Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights outdoors, so feel protected from air contaminants and water.

Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are the best solution for large indoor areas specially for those with higher ceilings from 9ft to 25ft or higher. Hero Series, Tale Series and Apollo LED UFO High Bay Lights are simply the best solution for your application, especially if you are looking for the UFO circular shape, round directional light distribution and illumination spread factor. Some good application examples are large gyms, swimming pools, indoor sports fields, churches, class rooms, conference rooms, warehouses, shops, workshops, stores, packaging facilities and many similar industrial areas.

With Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights  you get the following great benefits and more: brighter and better light along with energy efficiency and important savings in electricity bills every day, month and year after year.

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