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What is the best type of lighting for a walking closet?

Tony Black |

When thinking about illuminating a closet, which normally is a storage area that could contain clothing, wood shelves and other flammable materials, one of the main concerns can be safety and protection especially against the risk of fire. Any type of lighting source should be a fully enclosed bulb and have a specific clearance distance to the walls and objects below. The advised distance normally would be half a foot to one foot distance between the bulb and potentially flammable materials. One always should be aware of the materials near lighting sources, at the top of shelves or cabinets and if they could become a hazard when placed too near the bulb. So it is a good idea to protect your home by going and checking up all lighting sources used inside walking closets and see if they do not pose a threat to your household security.

The best way to go nowadays is to use LED recessed lights, indeed you can use LED luminaires for walking closets because they are a type of completely enclosed fixtures, solid-state lighting. LED lights are by far the most secure type of lighting sources since they need much less power to produce much more light without emitting not as nearly as much heat as the most secure of the old traditional types of light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. With this new technology you get many advantages and increased safety, LED luminaires do not need as many replacements as other traditional bulbs or fluorescent tubes, with LED fixtures maintenance costs are importantly reduced.

A great option to light up your walking closet is Hyperlite’s CD Series. CD Series Recessed Slim LED Panel Lights 12 Pack comes in two sizes 4in (9w 585LM) and 6in (12w 900LM) CD Series comes with a frosted lens with higher light transmission; CD Series Recessed Slim LED Panel Lights will certainly provide a well-lit environment without glare. CD Series Recessed Slim LED Panel Lights are available in two color temperatures 3000K and 5000K. 3000K is a very warm color temperature and 5000K is the true white color temperature, also called cool light color. CD Series Recessed Slim LED Panel Lights are ultra-thin and become an ideal solution for every type of ceilings even for narrow ones with only two inches of needed space, this type of recessed down light can also be used on every type of joists. CD Series Recessed Slim LED Panel Lights are compatible with most of the Triac LED dimmers and can be adjusted from 10% to 100% brightness. Very easy to install, a CCD Series Recessed Slim LED Panel Lights can be installed in less than a minute. Hyperlite’s CD Series is ETL and Energy Star certified and backed up with a 24-month warranty against quality-related problems.

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