How to calculate lighting for an area

How to calculate lighting for an area

Have you ever been puzzled when buying lights: How many led lights need to be used in this area? Which power should I choose? The space layout of lights is complex. But a reasonable layout will help you make right light choice while saving energy and money. We usually calculate lighting for an area with professional layout tool, DIALux. But we can also roughly calculate through the following info:

  1. Area Conditions.

Normally, the height and the dimension of space can help you choose the right power of the light. Take HYPERLITE Hero Series led high bay light as an example, in order to achieve the illumination of 40fc, we suggest that you can take 100W for hanging height 13ft, 150W for 15ft, 200Wfor 17ft, and 250W for 20ft.

Hyperlite led high bay light

  1. Personal needs.

Among the same other conditions, the purpose may affect the type of lights you will choose and the density of the lights you will install. Why you buy the lighting? If you are doing some manual work in the building, such as repairs, it will need relatively sufficient light. And if you buy lights for a warehouse, in equal conditions, the quantity of lights may require less.


The calculation of lighting for an area is factored by various matters including product and personal needs. To help you make more efficiently lighting choice, HYPERLITE will help provide professional layout design. Just send your building dimensions to us, we will give you the most efficient solution and clearly simulates.

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