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How bright is 5000 Lumens?

Tony Black |

5000 Lumens is enough light to lit up an average size living room (250 square feet) you can just use one fixture, for example a 45W Galental Canopy Light Vega Series (you get 5850 LM) or a 40W Vapor Tight Capsule Series Linear Light (5200LM), one can illuminate a good space, let’s say a 12.5ft by 20ft area with general lighting (you can get 20LM in 250 square ft) so with this set up you get general lighting and it will depend on your purpose application if you will need to install additional supplemental fixtures. Also you can get 5000 Lumens if you install 9pcs 12W Recessed Slim Led Panel Lights 6in CD Series lights, or 5pcs 15W Ipackorin LED Disk Lights - Dove Series.

You can get the same job done by outdoor flood lights such as Eyes Series 50W 5500 Lumens, with Moon Series Wall Pack Light 50w you get a bit more brightness also with its 6500 Lumens and the same with 40W Wall Pack Light Glitgate Wall-E Series 5200 Lumens.

Other comparison examples would be the case of Black Hero Series High Bay Lights 100w 14000LM, with just one of this 100w fixtures you can provide general lighting to almost 3 times the size area we mentioned 750 square feet (28ft x 27ft area)

Nowadays the last technology advancements brought to us LED lights (high bay lights, canopy lights, disc lights, etc.) which are several times more energy efficient and durable versus old traditional high bay lighting. Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights have their place amongst the most energy efficient and durable sources of light. With high energy efficiency rates 130 to 140 Lumens per Watt, Hyperlite LED Lights ensure your savings in energy bills throughout months and years to come. Hyperlite LED Lights are certainly rugged and sturdy especially due to the LED components, very well made with premium materials and qualified manufacture. Hyperlite LED Lights have a longer lifespan and more hours of operation. To get warranty you would only need to contact Hyperlite Support and they will provide with the direction to get any replacements if ever necessary.

With Hyperlite LED High Lights you get all the necessary options and accessories for your lighting project, you have access to more controllability thanks to the LED technology by using dimming functions, motion sensing and more.

So in conclusion 5000 Lumens is an important amount of light specially for indoor and family areas.

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