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What is the brightest shop light?

Tony Black |

Normally you will find incandescent bulbs (Traditional lights), fluorescent bulbs or tubes and LED Lights. To determine the answer for this question we will see some features about brightness of each light and you will see the features and benefits of our Hyperlite LED Lights.

The fluorescent bulb has 50 to 100 lumens per watt and the incandescent bulb has 60 lumens per watt. Hyperlite LED Lights normally have 140 to 135 lumens per watt and some series have the same amount of lumens but the difference are on the accessories such as reflectors, motion sensors, remote controllers and surface mounts but about lumens per watt Hyperlite LED Lights have: Hyperlite LED High Bay Light Black Hero and Radar Series 100 watts with 14000 Lumens, 150 watts with 21000 Lumens, 200 watts with 28000 Lumens and 250 watts with 35000 each of these Lights has 140 Lumens per watt. Hyperlite LED High Bay Light White Hero Series with power of 60 watts with 8100 Lumens, 100 watts with 13500 Lumens, 150 watts with 20250 Lumens, 200 watts with 27000 and 250 watts with 33750 Lumens each of these Lights has 135 Lumens per watt. Hyperlite LED Linear High Bay Light Will series with power of 110 watts with 14300 lumens, 160 watts with 20800 lumens, 220 watts with 28600 and 320 watts with 41600 lumens. Hyperlite LED High Bay Light Saturn Series with power of 250 watts with 35000 Lumens.

The beam angle for the fluorescent bulb is 360 degrees, incandescent bulb is 360 degrees and for our Hyperlite LED Lights is 120 degrees that means you will have a good concentration of light and will not be spread in all directions, this is a good feature because will help you having a good lighting on your shop or building.
Now with this information it is easy to determine the answer and we know that Hyperlite LED Lights are a good option for you however we recommend different power according the ceiling height of your shop or building. For 7 to 13 feet we recommend 100 to 110 watt, 14 to 17 feet we recommend 150 to 160 watt, 18 to 20 feet we recommend 200 to 220 watt and for 21 feet or more we recommend 250 to 320 watt. Please be aware about this beacuse if we use a wrong power, people’s eyes could be hurt.

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