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What is Lux in LED light?

Tony Black |

We need to determine what is a lux and how we can have the value of lux . Lux is a unit of measurement, which describes how much light falls on a certain area. (This is different from a unit of lumens, which tells you the total amount of light emitted by a light source.) The number of lux gets smaller as you get farther away from a light source. The symbol of lux is “lx”.
How can we calculate the number of lux? One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter here is the formula to get the value of lux: lux = lumens / m2
We use lux because it is an efficient measurement for determining what we see as the brightness of a beam.

Sometimes we use the unit called “foot - candles”. Are there differences between lux and foot - candles? There is no difference between foot candles and lux in respect of what they measure. In the same way that feet, inches and metres both measure length, foot - candles and lux both measure the illuminance (the amount of light). The only difference would be the result of calculation because one foot - candle equals 10.764 lux and one lux equals 0.09 foot - candle. Why is different? It is different because lux uses meters and foot - candle uses feet.

You will need different amounts of lux or foot - candles for each space such as:
Aisle circulation, storage of materials, low traffic areas, food and grooming activities, in these areas is recommended have 50 lux.
Here at Hyperlite we are working with “lighting simulations” that will help you determine how many lights and the spacing for each light.
The good news is that our products have a good amount of lumens such as:
Hyperlite LED High Bay Light Black Hero and Radar Series 100 watts with 14000 Lumens, 150 watts with 21000 Lumens, 200 watts with 28000 Lumens and 250 watts with 35000 each of these Lights has 140 Lumens per watt. Hyperlite LED High Bay Light White Hero Series with power of 60 watts with 8100 Lumens, 100 watts with 13500 Lumens, 150 watts with 20250 Lumens, 200 watts with 27000 and 250 watts with 33750 Lumens each of these Lights has 135 Lumens per watt. Hyperlite LED Linear High Bay Light Will series with power of 110 watts with 14300 lumens, 160 watts with 20800 lumens, 220 watts with 28600 and 320 watts with 41600 lumens. Hyperlite LED High Bay Light Saturn Series with power of 250 watts with 35000 Lumens.

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