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Which are the best lights for a shop?

Tony Black |

Nowadays high bay lights have been improved by the use of latest technology advancement which is the incorporation of LED chips, compatible LED components such as drivers, power packs, controllers, etc. LED stands for light emitting diode. The advantage of this new technology is the improved and much increased energy efficiency, LEDs are up to 90% more energy efficient compared to traditional and old incandescent light bulbs. Higher energy efficiency when speaking about lighting and specially speaking about LEDs means less heat, more light and lower costs, mostly lower electrical utility bills. Other important advantage of LEDs is they need less maintenance, fewer replacements that means less transportation costs, less garbage, less pollution, of course this helps better care for the environment and the planet. LEDs are small in size so they become very flexible and can be adequate for much more applications specially for compact and smaller types of fixtures. So, with the same amounts of electrical power one can get much more brightness.

Will Series High Bay Lights by Hyperlite come with the linear lighting pattern, these are great high bays for stores or shops containing many aisles and shelves.

Currently Hyperlite is offering Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights. Hyperlite Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lightscome with the highest energy efficiency, best quality materials and manufacture, longer lifespan, easy installation with a solid warranty against quality-related problems plus after sales service. Hyperlite LED UFO High Bay Lights and Hyperlite Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights have been designed to replace traditional (HID, Metal Halide, and High-Pressure Sodium) high bay lights.

Hyperlite Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights provide more brightness and are anti-glare, to solve the glare problem Will Series come with aluminum strips specially designed to prevent uncomfortable glare. Hyperlite Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights are well made with a solid structure which provides efficient heat dissipation, this LED Linear High Bay Lights are made of a type of aviation aluminum creating a compact and thick solid housing. Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights are hard-wiring ready and come with standard V-hook and chains for mounting. The fin design maximizes heat dissipation, accelerates air circulation, protecting the LED chips and ensuring long-term lifespan.

Hyperlite Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights have many optional functions (sold separately), 1-10v dimming function, emergency optional power compatible accessories, motion sensor with inductive switching function, these accessories allow to save much energy and money.

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