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What does 10 lumens mean?

Tony Black |

Sometimes we will need 10 lumens for our space but we need to remember that an office and a school will need different amount of lumens. We will provide some suggestions: Reading and writing offices would need 50 to 75 foot candles, hallways would need 10 to 20 foot candles, room with computers would need 20 to 50 foot candles, a general area in hospitals would need 10 to 15 foot candles, schools would need 30 to 100 foot candles. On residential spaces are more standard the amount of lumens like: Living room would need 10 to 20 foot candles, kitchen stove and sink would need 70 to 80 foot candles, dining room would need 30 to 40 foot candles, Bedroom would need 10 to 20 foot candles, bathroom would need 70 to 80 foot candles. These numbers are just suggestions and somtimes you will not memorize all of this information and that is why we at Hyperlite want to bring you the best service and experience that is why we run simulations or make a layout for your building or shop and we will help you telling you how many lights you will need, the spacing for each light, the wattage we recommend and if it is the case the color tempertature, but this last one is according your preference, a picture showing you how your building or shop will look with those lights and the amount of foot candles on the surfaces. Why do we do these things such as simulations or layouts? Because sometimes we have an idea of how many lights we will need and in case of warehouses or companies they need to fulfill a certain number of lumens or in other words foot candles on the floor.

As we see every area will need different amount of lumens, in this case we talk about foot candles and maybe your are asking What is a foot candle? We will explain what is a foot candle with a formula to understand on a clearly way:
1 lumen / square foot = 1 foot candle, the lumens is emitted by the light and the foot candle is what the surface will receive according the discatnce and lumens emitted. In simple terms, lumens (its symbol is lm) are a measure of the total amount of visible light (for our “human” eye) from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating the “brighter” the lamp will appear. Our Hyperlite LED lights have around of 130 to 140 lumens per watt

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