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How many lumens would I need for a 100 square feet area?

Tony Black |

The answer to this question will always depend on the application you need lighting for. If the place is going to be just for storage and if only regular illumination is needed, not too bright, then you can go with around 47fc, if the ceiling height is at 10ft to 13ft you can use 1pc 100w Hero or Radar Series High Bay Light, and as you can research at 1pc 100w Hero or Radar Series High Bay Light provides 14000 lumens that is to say 140 lumens per watt. If the ceiling height is going to be at 14ft to 17ft we would suggest you to use 1pc 150w Hero or Radar Series 21000 lumens, if the ceiling is going to be at 20ft high you can use 1pc 200w Hero or Radar Series which provides 28000 lumens, if the ceiling height is 21ft or higher we would suggest you to use a 250w UFO high bay light Radar or Hero Series which provides 35000 lumens.

If you visit you can go to the product page you are looking at and generally below the “similar products” picture slide or carousel and the “Description and Free Service” sections you can notice a blue “Product Manual” button , you can click on it and you will be able to see the light specs and for most of them you can see some light distribution diagrams and some foot-candle suggestions for different types of applications, for example if you were looking at Hero Series LED High Bay Lights Instruction Manual there you can read some lighting suggestions on page five (5) there is a Foot-candle light guide. You can see suggestions for places such as Warehousing & Storage, Commercial Office and Educational areas, so depending on the type of activities you are going to use the room for, you will have to consider the quantity of lumens and fixtures necessary. So for average maintained fc in an open warehouse you need around 30 to 40fc, for a private office 40fc, for an auditorium 75fc are suggested. On page 6 you can continue getting some lighting suggestions for Industrial & Manufacturing, Exterior, Retail, Automotive, Grocery and Banking.

If the area is going to be used for detailing, education or you need more light to see colors accurately the best suggestion is to get around 55ft to 60fc on the floor. Always, in order to know the quantity number of fixtures necessary to lit up a room the first thing you have to take into consideration is the size of the mentioned area. You would need to measure the width and length plus the ceiling height. With the width and length you can get the square footage you just need to multiply one by the other. With this square footage value you can get the minimum lumens required to lit up an area if you multiply it by 70.

And finally if you want to know the best lighting scenario you can just contact Hyperlite through the Toll free number +1-855-688-7879 or send more details to

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