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Motion Sensor – Tale Series a great accessory for your Tale Series High Bay Light

Tony Black |

With Motion SensorTale Series you get many great features to improve the functions of your Tale Series High Bay Light. Motion Sensor - Tale Series can be custom set-up by using its separately sold remote control TALE-MS-RC. By using Motion Sensor – Tale Series you get ON-OFF control,  you can adjust the stand-by period, you get daylight on-off control, ample detection area, you can set up the stand-by dimming level. Motion Sensor – Tale Series detection height up to 49.2ft (15m). Additionally, you can set up the hold time, and it can work as a daylight sensor.

Motion Sensor – Tale Series is a microwave type of motion sensor, it can have different coverage areas depending on fixture mounting installation: ceiling mounted or wall mounted.

By installing Tale Series High Bay Lights equipped with Motion Sensor – Tale Series you can save lots of energy thus saving money in your electricity bills.

With factory settings, you can start saving energy and money. Detection Area: Max, Hold time: 5 seconds, Daylight threshold: disable, Stand-by period: 0 seconds.

You can adjust many functions of Motion Sensor – Tale Series with its remote control TALE-MS-RC. You can adjust the detection area, hold time, daylight threshold, stand-by period and stand-by dimming among other features.

Let us review Motion Sensor – Tale Series technical specifications. Operating voltage 10-15v DC, Operating current 30mA, Output: Dim 1-10v, Stand-by power <0.5w, Detection Area 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%, Hold time: 5s / 30s / 1 min / 3 min / 5 min / 10 min / 20 min / 30 min, Daylight threshold: 2 Lux / 10 Lux / 50 Lux / 80 Lux / 120 Lux / Disable, Stand-by period:  0s / 10s / 30s / 1 min / 5 min / 10 min / 30 min / + ∞, Stand-by dimming: level 10% / 20% / 30% / 50%, Microwave frequency: 5.8 GHz ± 75 MHz, Microwave power: <0.3mW, Detection angle: 30-150°, Mounting Height: Max. 15m (ceiling mounted), Detection Range: Max 14m (ceiling mounted), Operating temperature: -20°C  ~ +60°C, IP rating IP65

Another option to save energy is to activate the Lux on/off function. With adopted dual PD technology, Motion Sensor – Tale Series has the ability to differentiate artificial light from natural light brightness and it automatically turns off the Tale Series High Bay Light when ambient light brightness exceeds preset lux level. This means that your Tale Series High Bay Light will turn on only when necessary with this function available with Motion Sensor – Tale Series

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