Photocell function of wall pack light

Photocell function of wall pack light

Usually, photocontrol, as known in the general market, or devices that use photocells, determine the ON or OFF status of most outdoor lighting. They are also more efficient than timers, which turn lights on and off based on a certain time of day. Timers do not address the changing light levels associated with seasonal changes and Daylight Savings Time, but photocells do.

Our Hyperilite LED Wall pack light is for brightly-lit outdoor applications such as stairways, tunnels, alleyways, building perimeters, security walls, overpasses, and parking garages. It features is in fruity arc design, taking the advance of the theory of condition and convection. The housing is made of die-casting aluminum material and thermoset powder coating, corrosion, and weather resistance.

They are also used for security lighting since the photo controls automatically turn the unit ON or OFF as mentioned before. This cycle optimizes the effectiveness of the LED Wall pack light and maximizes energy savings. It also guarantees that all of the LED fixtures will turn on and off at the same time. 

How does it work? Well, based on the ambient light level. The unit generally responses to visible light, which provides continuous light from 06:00 pm to 06:00 am (Depending on the local sunrise and sunset time).

Some recommendations when using the photocell: this photocell is a sensitive device and will be affected by external light. So be sure that if your wall surface is smooth and reflective or the light around the lamp is very strong, it may affect the use effect of the photocell and might cause the LED Wall pack light to flicker continuously.

The Hyperlite LED Wall pack light – Moon Series product is designed to provide good illumination and less power consumption. It also has been designed to provide our customers with the opportunity to prevent the need to go outside and manually turn on outdoor lights every time it becomes dark.

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