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Compared with other lamps, the advantages and disadvantages of Hyperlite's high bay lights.

Tony Black |

Most people now understand that LEDs save energy, but may still hesitate to pay the higher price for LEDs. But it’s worth it. Our Hyperlite's high bay lights require much less wattage than CFL or Incandescent light bulbs, which is why LEDs are more energy-efficient and longer lasting.

To compare different light bulbs, you need to know about lumens. Lumens, not watts, tell you how bright a light bulb is, no matter the type of bulb. The more lumens, the brighter the light. Hyperlite's high bay lights describe the brightness in lumens, instead of the bulb’s energy usage in watts.

Common applications for incandescent lighting includes residential and interior lighting. It is typically not used in outdoor environments or for large organizations because of its short lifespan and poor energy efficiency.

About safety – LED lighting is safer than traditional fluorescent lighting. Unlike fluorescent and other mercury vapor lights, our Hyperlite's high bay lights don´t consist of hazardous chemicals and they emit less amount of heat. On the other hand, traditional incandescent lighting consumes more heat since they convert more than 90% of the total energy used to power them into heat.

Hyperlite's high bay lights are directional lights and that increases their lighting efficiency, you do not waste energy or light spread to the sides or ceiling where you would not need it, you just have the light where you want it lit. With our high bay lights you can protect your economy and the environment, with them you can get energy savings of over 50 to 60% compared to common traditional fluorescent or metal halide lamps, additionally, Hyperlite's high bay lights have a longer life span with 50,000 hours of operation compared to 30,000 or less hours of operation of traditional sources of light, and in that way you reduce packaging waste, transportation and many luminaire replacements.

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