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Pole barns and the LED Luminaires to use for best results.

Tony Black |

An introduction to pole barns

Pole barns are the most cost-effective type of buildings, they are mostly used as garages, workshops, or where more additional space is necessary for a farm or business. Pole barns are one of the most versatile types of buildings, they can have many uses, some people say their variety of uses is unending. Many people use their pole barns for additional storage room. Pole barns are also built for horses and cows and called horse barns, cow barns, or milking sheds. Pole barns are also used for equipment, farm equipment, and vehicle storage such as RVs, boats. Pole barns can be used as headquarters for small businesses, commercial warehouses, retailers, and even as homes or house buildings. Pole barns are easy to build because they use the post-frame construction technique, which is a well-known construction method and used for many decades to the present. Pole barns can be rapidly built, the construction process can take just one or two weeks in some cases. Pole barns are sturdy and very reliable structures. In North America during the 1930s builders looked for more cost-effective building materials and started using recycled telephone poles to construct walls for simple four-wall storage buildings, so in the beginning, this type of buildings was called “telephone pole barns” and later the term was shortened to “pole barns”.

What type of LED luminaires should I use for the best results in my pole barn?

At present time LED High Bay Lights are the latest lighting trend and are becoming the standard to illuminate larger areas such as pole barns. Due to their durability, ruggedness, better energy-efficiency, ample light coverage, and even spread Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights are the best option for every type of Pole Barn.  With Hyperlite you have many different options if you are looking at LED High Bay Lights, Hyperlite offers three different lines of UFO LED High Bay Lights: Hero Series High Bay Lights, Tale Series High Bay Lights and Apollo Series High Bay Lights. Additionally, Hyperlite offers two types of LED Linear High Bay Lights: Sky Series Linear High Bay Lights, and Will Series Linear High Bay Lights

Hyperlite LED UFO High Bay Lights to feature a 100% aluminum alloy housing and heat sink, that provides excellent heat dissipation preventing LED components damage and increases its hours of operation. Hyperlite led UFO High Bay Lights’ compact and simple housing design makes them strong, durable, and lightweight. All Hyperlite UFO LED High Bay Lights to come with a 5-year warranty against manufacture quality-related problems

Hero Series and Apollo Series High Bay Lights come with a two-wire 1-10V dimming function and Tale Series additionally can be equipped with motion sensors. Hyperlite UFO LED High Bay Lights are more controllable than other traditional lamps, it is even possible to get a remote controller for Tale Series motion sensors.

Sky Series Linear LED High Bay Lights were designed with a special structure which helps for better heat dissipation, the long rectangular pattern improves light distribution, Sky Series is great for places with many aisles and shelves.

Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights are also known as panel LED lights and have many great features, they are antiglare the housing has aluminum strips near the 2853 type LEDs which prevent the uncomfortable glare. Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights come with a solid housing structure with good heat dissipation, the housing is made of aviation aluminum, heat dissipation performance is improved with its fin design that maximizes and accelerates air circulation


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