How to use Hyperlite LED floodlights landscaping?

How to use Hyperlite LED floodlights landscaping?


First, let us know what a floodlight is. A floodlight is a type of higher intensity luminaire designed to produce a broader beam of light. Floodlights are mainly used to illuminate large areas such as back yards, gardens, yards, court yards, terraces, green areas, larger floodlights are used for sports fields. A LED flood light incorporates the LED ultimate technology which can provide lower energy consumption, longer luminaire lifespan and instant start-up, compared to other types of older traditional floodlights.

Hyperlite LED Floodlights

Hyperlite offers two types of flood lights, Guarder Series and MAX Series.

Guarder Series Flood lights are small but powerful weather resistant IP65 grade LED floodlights, you can find them in 15W, 30W and 50W and in 3000K and 5000K versions. Guarder Series are premium quality LED products UL and DLC certified. Guarder Series were designed for outdoors illumination, exterior wall, signage lighting, and landscape lighting. Guarder Series Floodlights can be installed in two ways as a wall pack light using the included wall mount option or directly screwed using the knuckle mount. Guarder Series LED Floodlights are energy efficient, they produce 120 lumen per watt and also are very durable their lifespan is 60000 hours of operation. Guarder Series LED Floodlights to come with a 5-year warranty against quality-related problems.

MAX Series Floodlights are larger heavy-duty LED outdoor luminaires, weather-resistant IP65, rugged structure, and powerful LED panels, with increased energy efficiency 130 lumens per watt, one-piece MAX Series LED Floodlight 300w is equivalent to a 900w HPS/HID luminaires. MAX Series LED Floodlights were designed to illuminate large areas such as parking lots, big warehouses, sports fields, and back yards. MAX Series LED Floodlights are available in 100w, 150w, 200w, and 300w versions, 5000K true white color light and a lifespan of 50000 hours of operation. MAX Series LED Floodlights are premium quality luminaires offered by Hyperlite with a 5-year warranty against quality-related problems.

Thanks to the advances in high lighting technology Hyperlite currently offers these LED Floodlights which are the most energy efficient products in the market for these type of applications and in this way satisfies the consumers’ demand for sustainable designs and environmentally-friendly lighting products. These Hyperlite LED Floodlights were specifically designed to improve safety, security, aesthetics and to provide you with the best choice to lit your garden landscape using your creativity to produce the best lighting effect.


Also we need to know what landscaping means, landscaping is an occupation that comprises several tasks in order to provide maintenance or improvements within a property, mainly in the same ground areas we mentioned in the previous paragraphs (back yards, gardens, terraces, etc.) The interested property owner can engage in various landscaping tasks for maintenance and improvement in practical or aesthetic ways. That person can begin this activity just by looking at his or her property from an appropriate distance and look for any aspect or fixed feature affecting the “landscape view” in a good or bad manner according to his or her preference or perception of beauty or practicality.

Landscape Lighting

One of the most common landscaping tasks is called landscape lighting or garden lighting. Landscape lighting comprises all the tasks of planning, installation and maintenance of outdoor illumination for public and private gardens and landscapes. By engaging in landscape lighting tasks the interested property owner can improve safety, nighttime aesthetics, security, increase accessibility and property value.

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