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Where can we use wall pack lights?

K. Karly |

Moon series and Wall E series are one of the most sold and recommended Wall pack lights among our customers. We commented before about the LED lighting technology and how it surpassed the capabilities of conventional lighting in too many important ways such as efficiency. One of them, the one that’s actually a very important component of the LED light technology is the decreased maintenance requirements.

As in other fixtures, Moon series from Hyperlight and Wall E series have a 5-year warranty lifespan that is four to forty times longer than many conventional bulbs. So, in fact, it means fewer replacements for bulbs that wear out. Hyperlite is always compromised to provide the best competitive price for customers. You are covered by our warranty when you purchase our products and, of course, in case you have difficulties installing or using our products you have the opportunity to contact us to obtain all the information and customer support always.

But, what about the use of Wall pack lights. Also called exterior building lights are lights that are commonly mounted on the outside facing walls of buildings. Generally used to provide illumination for different purposes as security to ground areas frequented by pedestrians and vehicles. In most of their uses is the function to add a layer of security for property owners and people outside the building as well.

And, why not for industries as well. Most existing industrial light fixtures and commercial light fixtures such as LED wall pack lights. It is not uncommon to see multiple fixtures mounted on the wall of a building, with the fixtures spaced to provide complete coverage for a large area around the grounds.

Both, our Wall E series and Moon series efficiency is about 130 lumens per watt. The beam angle of around 120 degrees and provides a bright and reliable 5000K light for your project for security or for simple space illumination. We know that most services provide you different options for illumination, but all of our Hyperlite products are UL & DLC Certified because we have a solid principle of a higher standard and superior quality for all our products designed for our customers.

The LED Wall Pack fixtures can be very shattered resistant, and both are designed to handle wet weather conditions. Therefore, it is a suitable outdoor led light fixture used widely for buildings and outdoor areas.  

As I mentioned Wall pack lights, are commonly used on such as alleyways, building exteriors, parking lots, commercial outdoor spaces, churches, parking garages, tunnels, building entrances, the sides of buildings and walkways to provide illumination for different purposes such as security or for the ascetics as the main reason. But, not only for this kind of Project but also for ground areas used to lark vehicles or for sidewalks near to a building or inside a house to illuminate the yard. So, we encourage you to try one of our products. We are sure, you and your family or friends will notice the difference and the security of having the best Wall pack light for your project.

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