Flood Light - Guarder series

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American Standard Floodlight - Hi-Hyperlite Guarder Series LED floodlight is specifically designed for American consumers, which is better than European standard floodlight. Waterproof, high brightness, multiple mounting options, UL certification, these are reasons why you need to choose our floodlights.


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  • Can a Guarder be mounted in a hanging position? Base over the fixture

    Yes, our Guarder series can be mounted in a hanging position. Please follow the instrucction as mentioned in our manual and receive some assistance from a electrician if needed.

  • Looking to replace some old 150W 3-1/8" tube halogen lights mounted under the eaves of the house. This will be an inverted mount (knuckle on top). Need to know if the light can handle that mount and I need the dimensions of your light fixtures and length of the knuckle to see if these will fit alongside the motion detector where the current lights are.

    Thank you for your preference. Please check your email because we sent you all the information you need about our Guarder series.

  • Can the rectangle cover be installed on a circular electrical box?

    Yes, but we strongly recommend you to contact a local electrician to receive assistance to complete your project.

  • Will the base cover, cover up a Standard Round Ceiling/Wall Electrical Box

    Please send us more details including dimensions of a Standard Round Ceiling/Wall Electrical Box to service01@hi-hyperlite.com

  • Is the 50W Guarder Series Dimmable? Also a little confused re: the need for a transformer. Is this a 110v AC model or a low voltage DC model?

    Guarder Series Floodlights are not dimmable and their input voltage is AC100-277v.

  • Do you sell the lighting wire and transformer box needed for the Guarder Series floodlights? If not, is there a wire and transformer you recommend that would work well with this system?

    Actually we do not sell the wire and trasformer or junction box needed, you can use regular wire and transformer or junction box normally needed for lighting installation, please consult with your local electrician and ask for them at your local hardware store.

  • What Wattage would be best for outside of a Barn at about 12' off the ground?

    Hello. Thank you for your preference. We recommend you using Guarder series 50w for a 12' height outdoor installation.

  • Can this light be installed on an eave ?

    Yes, the Guarder series can be installed on an eave. Please take into consideration the plate mount size (5.1"x6.5"). We also recommend you to please contact a local electrician for the installation.

  • Can you shine the light straight up like for a flagpole

    Hello. Thank you for your preference. Yes. you can use this guarder series to illuminate a flagpole. We recommend you to choose the best one for your needs. Depending on how high it is is you can use 15w, 30w or 50w.

  • Does the guardian series come with a motion detector or is it just dusk to dawn

    Hello Leo, The guarder series doesn't come with any of those features for the moment.

  • Are you going to make these in any other color. I am looking for white, not bronze

    Recently, we do not make these in any other color. Sorry for that.

  • Could you please tell me the dimensions of the mounting base. Thanks in advance.

    Hello David. Thank you for your preference. The Guarder series mounting base dimensions are 5.1" x 6.5" and 0.9". For more detailed information please check our products manual. 

  • Are these ok for all weather condition? I love in Northern WI with a lot of snow and I want to mount these to the side of my house with no overhang.

    Hello. Dustin.   Thank you for your preference. Yes, The Guarder series can propçvide you with good illumination even covered with snow. It is part of our best Outdoor lighting products available.

  • Do you have this light with a dusk to dawn feature? If not, can you buy just the base for another knuckle mount?

    There is a photocell on our shoebox light. It does this function dusk to dawn. 

  • Can the light be placed facing up on the exterior? Any issues with weather in this configuration?

    Yes, the floor light is IP65 certificated. Many customers use it in the garden, lighting the trees.

  • Will you be getting more of these in stock at Amazon - the Guarder Series 50 watt version? (I will want six more of them if you do!)

    Yes. The new ones will be back to stock on the beginning of Oct.