How to stop your high bay led lights?

How to stop your high bay led lights?

How to stop your high bay led lights?

To stop LED Hyperlite lights we need to know which light we are using on our building.

we have the following LED Hyperlite lights:

high bay light apollo

To stop Hyperlite LED High Bay Light White and Black Hero Series and Hyperlite LED High Bay Light Apollo Series, we need to unplug the light because these lights come with an US plug so it is ready to use.

Then we have LED High Bay Light Tale Series and Hyperlite LED Linear High Bay Light Will Series these two must need to be hard - wire and connected to a switch to turn on and off.

Here are some features of these four lights: Hyperlite LED Lights are more energy efficient because use at least 75% less energy than fluorescent and incandescent lights, this feature will help you saving money. 

LED Bulb Power Consumption

Hyperlite LED Lights can withstand rough conditions as they are less breakable and with little maintenance. 

They will be 50 or more times longer than a traditional (incandescent) light and our Hyperlite LED Lights are IP65 rated that means that they are water resistant and dustproof (only Hyperlite LED Linear High Bay Light Will Series are not IP65 rated).


Hyperlite LED Lights operate in extremely Cold or Hot temperatures this is a good new for you because no matter where are you do not need to worry about purchasing a light that can withstand the climate you are in, they work between -104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other way to “stop” LED Hyperlite lights it would be the dimming function we have two different ways to install the dimmer switch: On the first one the dimmer doesn't serve as a switch, lights will not be turned off completely, because our power is 1-10v instead of 0-10v, even the dimmer is in its lowest value, the light will be slight, but you can connect around 16 lights.


Second option the lights can be connected at most to 720W in this way, and also dimmer can be used as a switch.

We have and provide diagrams to install our lights with or without the dimmer, we will be here to help you with recommendations, layouts or any question about our products.


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