Why LED Lights are better?

Why LED Lights are better?

Why LED Lights are better?

With LED High Bay Lights you use less electricity but you can get the same or increased light output compared to traditional lighting like Fluorescent, Metal Halide Lamps, or a greater difference compared with incandescent lighting.

led vs Fluorescent Light

With LED High Bay Lights you can save money and decrease your carbon footprint. Hyperlite's LED High Bay Lights provide a higher energy efficiency upt 140 Lumens per Watt.

140 lumens

LED UFO High Bay Ligths and Linear LED High Bay Lights are easy to install, and come with lower maintenance costs compared to traditional sources of light, with a lifespan of over 60,000 hours of operation, Hyperlite's High Bay Lights do not need to be replaced as frequently as other traditional types of lighting, LED chips and panels are sturdy and more durable.

lamp table

Hyperlite's High Bay Lights are backed up with a five year warranty against quality-related issues.

Approximately 20% of all electricity we consume is for lighting, by using Hyperlite LED High Bay Lights you can make a great difference and importantly reduce your electricity bills while getting more light illumination.

LED lighting efficiency

One of the main reasons why LEDs are the best at energy efficiency is that the diodes emit lesser amounts of heat, plus the modern design of LED fixtures makes them a directional type of lighting such as Hyperlite’s High Bay Lights, Linear or UFO styles.

In fields such as security and business, to upgrade old lighting to LED can make important finance sense, meaning huge savings in most cases, especially if the luminaire has to be on for longer periods of time and regularly throughout the months and years.

Electric Benefits of LED lighting

By upgrading your lighting to Hyperlite LED Lights you get lower energy consumption and costs, lower maintenance and transportation costs.

You can get more sales for your store, if light is over the correct products in a well illuminated area you can get more sales and see colors more accurately, with Hyperlite’s LED High Bay Lights. 

You can get an impressive return over investment as you will be saving important sums in electricity, plus many important advantages and benefits for your upgrade or application.

led save money

Since LED lights are a solid-state type of lightin, LEDs are more robust, rugged and durable.

This is the reason why LED fixtures have lower maintenance costs and need fewer replacements.

Other important aspects of using LED lights are, LEDs are instant ON, no warm up time, no need to wait for the light to lit up.

LEDs are mercury free, this is really great for the environment, and mercury is a biohazard and can cause much harm.

led occupancy sensors

LEDs are more controllable through their drivers and they can be accurately dim down or turned off / on by using photo cells and motion or occupancy sensors.

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