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Hyperlite High Bay Light

Does the Hyperlite LED replacement lamp require the starter used by the MH lamp?

Does the Hyperlite LED replacement lamp require the starter used by the MH lamp?

First of all a LED Hyperlite light and a MH lamp are different because each one has their one components.

The MH lamp has these components: the Shell, Outer Jacket, Frame, Bimetal switch, Getter, Exhaust tip, Fly wire. Most commons LED lights have these components: Thermal pottants, Encapsulates, Housing, Lens, 
there are a few integral components which are essential to the operation of an LED light. Circuit, Heat Sink, LED Chips.

As we see each light is special but when we talk about replace a lamp we need to consider that a 400 watt metal halide bulb can be replaced with a 200 watt LED Hyperlite light. A 100 watt metal halide can be replaced with a 50 watt LED Hyperlite light. Implementing an LED Hyperlite light replacement program should result in a 50% reduction in annual energy use (kWh) costs.

The MH lamp also known as a metal-halide lamp, it is an electrical lamp that produces light by an electric arc through a gaseous mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides (compounds of metals with bromine or iodine). It is a type of high-intensity discharge (HID) gas discharge lamp, its life span is about 25000 hrs and our  LED Hyperlite lights have around of 50000 to 60000 hours and that is great new for you because you will save money not buying more lights to replace the old ones.

Our LED Hyperlite lights have a lot of benefits LED Hyperlite lights are IP65 rated that means that they are water resistant and dustproof. with Hyperlite you will have great Light quality.

LED Hyperlite lights are safer than MH lamps because LED Hyperlite lights are not made of glass like MH lamps, while MH lamps heat up and burn out, LED Hyperlite lights conserve energy and stay cool to the touch.

MH lamps get so hot because most of their energy is being released as heat, the operating temperature of our LED Hyperlite lights operate in extremely Cold or Hot temperatures this is a good new for you because no matter where you are located you do not need to worry about purchasing a light that can withstand the climate you are in, they work between -104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. LED Hyperlite lights are designed to run between 100 to 277 volts.

You can replace an MH lamp with our LED Hyperlite lights as we see with Hyperlite you have more benefits and we wil guide to get the best lighting for your space.