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Actually upgrading to new Linear LED Lights is very easy

Tony Black |

With the latest lighting technology LED Lights you get many advantages, the most important ones are increased energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs, longer lifespan or hours of operation, greater variety of light fixture shapes and patterns, and increased light controllability… And much, much more additional beneficial aspects that make LED Lights the best type of lighting fixtures in the market. With Hyperlite’s LED Lights you get all these great advantages and benefits. And if you are more interested in upgrading your (humming and old) fluorescent tubes the best and easiest way to go is using Will Series and Capsule Series Vapor Tight Lights.

Now a good question is… “If I’m going to upgrade my lighting to LED, why should I still be using the linear shaped lights? Why do I need linear lights?” The answer is because of the rectangular pattern which is better recommended for places with many shelves and aisles, with this linear style of light fixtures you get the light where you needed it (especially if you need the light over a working bench), this is great if you need to showcase products and need brighter lights for more accurate colors and details.

The easiest installation; Will Series LED Linear Lights come ready for hard-wiring, so first you need to have the wires or cord ready before hanging. You would need to screw two eye bolts to the ceiling per fixture, then you can hang the included chains and hooks, attach the V shaped hooks and the fixture.

A satisfied user wrote:
What an upgrade over an old fluorescent fixture! This thing is wicked bright enough to be hung quite a bit further up than I did.

I added a power cord to mine but they are easily wired in place to replace an existing fixture. On top of standard wire coloring Hyperlite was even kind enough to label the wires and provide push connectors to aid in installation.

An additional surprise was the bubble level on the top. A small detail but one that allows you to skip grabbing a level when hanging it and just makes things just a little smoother.”

LED Vapor Tight Light - Capsule Series are also very easy to install, this IP65 grade Linear LED Light comes with two small surface mounting brackets which have to be correctly aligned and screwed directly to the ceiling, after performing that procedure you would only need to snap the light into place onto the already placed mounting brackets, and finally do the hardwiring and/or daisy-chaining.

This Linear LED Light is similar in shape to the common traditional fluorescent tubes but with all the advantages of the LED technology, increased energy efficiency, 130 Lumens per Watt, lower maintenance costs and longer lifespan (backed up with a three year warranty against quality issues). This 5000K LED Vapor Tight Light comes with a 2ft wire, it was designed to be easily daisy-chained in order to extend the luminaires coverage, if you  use the 60w version you can put together groups of 10 lights, with the 40w version you can have groups of 15 luminaires. The LED Vapor Tight Light - Capsule Series with its ingress grade protection IP65 is dust and moist proof, so it can be widely used in many different types of applications, it can even be used outdoors. Thanks to its frosted housing, improved light distribution and new lens, the produced light is evenly dispersed and really comfortable to the eye, anti-glare.

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