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How many LED shop lights do I need?

Tony Black |

The quantity or number of light fixtures you will need will depend on many aspects. First you need to know the ceiling height or how high you want to have the lights. This determines the wattage and the number of high bay lights or shop lights you will need, as a general rule especially for Hyperlite’s High Bay Lights you should use 100w for ceilings heights of 10ft to 13ft, 150w for ceilings with 14ft to 17ft tall walls, if you want to install your lights at 18ft to 20ft high you will need to use 200w shop lights and for 21ft or higher installations we would suggest you to use 250w LED UFO High Bay Lights (Saturn, Hero or Radar Series) . For Linear High Bay Lights Will Series it is almost the same rule, for 10ft to 13ft use 110w, for 14ft to 17ft use 160w, for 18ft to 20ft it is better recommended to use 220w and for 21ft or higher ceilings we would recommend you 320w Will Series Linear LED High Bay Lights.

Of course the most important aspect to determine the number of shop lights necessary to lit up your building or room is the size of your building, width and length, but as another general rule we can mention to you it is that a distance of 13ft to 17ft between fixtures provides a good light coverage. So for example you have a 50x50-16ft room you can divide the length by 17 to know the average number of fixtures you will need in a row and the number of rows needed, so for this example size room you would need to have 3 fixtures in each row and 3 rows, that is a 3x3 pattern meaning you would need 9 fixtures total to get a good light coverage. Of course you can use the 13ft distance factor and increase with it the number of rows or fixtures per row.

Another important aspect to determine the number of fixtures needed is what you are going to use the room or building for, if you are going to use it just for storage and you do not want too much light and do not worry about shadows you can just use the minimum light fixtures required. For this type of applications you can use a decreased number of lights per row.

But if you want to have a well lit up space where you will be working, you need bright light to examine details and actually see what you are looking at, then you would need the average and maximum number of lights recommended, normally we suggest getting around 56 to 60fc on the floor, some customers even ask to get 70fc average. So for example in the previously used room 50x50-16ft, we would suggest you to  round up the number of lights per row to the next higher value, so for that example you could get a 3x4 pattern (average value) or 4x4 pattern of fixtures to get the maximum light coverage recommended.

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