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How to choose Hyperlite LED Floodlights?

How to choose Hyperlite LED Floodlights?

First you need to think and plan all the details of your lighting project. When and where you need illumination, are you planning to illuminate a sign, a pathway, or you might want to apply Hyperlite LED Flood Lights to your landscaping project? Second you can choose the correct wattage or size, Hyperlite offers different sizes of LED Floodlights, Eyes Series LED Floodlights are available in 30w (3300 Lumens), 50w (5500 Lumens), 70w (7700 Lumens), Guarder Series Floodlights are available in 15w (1800 Lumens), 30w (3600 Lumens), and 50w (6000 Lumens), and MAX Series Floodlights are available in 150w (19500 Lumens), 200w (26000 Lumens), 240w, and 300w (39000 Lumens). Third check if the LED flood light has the appropriate protection against weather conditions, all Hyperlite LED Floodlights are IP65 rated weather resistant, moist and dust proof.

Here we can provide you with some suggestions regarding installation distance for a well illuminated outdoor area: You can use Hyperlite LED Flood Lights (Guarder Series and the newest EYES Series) 15w to 30w to provide a good illumination from 5ft to 10ft to the desired surface, use 50w for a distance of 11ft to 13ft, use 70w for a distance of 14ft to 17ft, you can use 100w for a distance of 18ft to 19ft, 120w for a distance of 20ft. For sports fields or larger open outdoor areas and distances you can use Hyperlite LED Floodlights MAX Series available in 150w, 200w, 240w and 300w.

Hyperlite has recently launched a new line of LED floodlights called EYES Series floodlights , with impressive new features such as silica gel and stainless steel waterproof joints to ensure safety and reliability, avoiding moisture accumulation and water droplets inside the lamp creating balance between internal and external pressure. Diamond cutting surface lenses make the floodlight look more elegant and at the same time help for better light distribution. EYES Series floodlights classic design comes in aluminum housing and surface paint treatment.

As an example for Hyperlite LED Floodlights, the new Eyes LED Floodlights are much more energy-efficient compared to other traditional floodlights, because Hyperlite Eyes LED Floodlights have a higher Lumens per Watt ratio of 110LM/Watt, that means you use less energy to obtain more light thus decreasing your energy consumption and energy utility bills and costs.

Guarder Series Floodlights  are small but powerful weather resistant IP65 grade LED floodlights. Guarder Series are premium quality LED products UL and DLC certified. Guarder Series were designed for outdoors illumination, exterior wall, signage lighting and landscape lighting. Guarder Series Floodlights can be installed in two ways as a wall pack light using the included wall mount option or directly screwed using the knuckle mount. Guarder Series LED Floodlights are energy efficient, they produce 120 lumen per watt and also are very durable their lifespan is 60000 hours of operation. Guarder Series LED Floodlights come with a 5 year warranty against quality related problems.

MAX Series LED Floodlights are larger heavy duty LED outdoor luminaires, weather resistant IP65, rugged structure and powerful LED panels, with increased energy efficiency 130 lumens per watt, one piece MAX Series LED Floodlight 300w is equivalent to a 900w HPS/HID luminaires. MAX Series LED Floodlight 300w were designed to illuminate large areas such as parking lots, big warehouses, sports fields and back yards. MAX Series LED Floodlight 300w are available in 100w, 150w, 200w and 300w versions, 5000K true white color light and a lifespan of 50000 hours of operation. MAX Series LED Floodlight are premium quality luminaires offered by Hyperlite with a 5 year warranty against quality related problems.