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Where should flood lights be placed?

Tony Black |

Let us first explain, What Is Floodlighting?

The flood lights are part of a series of products destinated for different purposes, and in this case, flood lights, are destinated for landscape lighting to illuminate your house in most of the cases. With its wide beam, they offer a wash of light that highlights the architectural features of home and office.

However, you can mount flood lights in eaves of the sides and rear of your house with motion sensors for added visibility and security. While it's a mark of good design to have your lights evenly spaced out, shadows and dark areas in between fixtures might mean your lights spaced too far apart.

Some customers ask if they need to use a junction box for ring flood lights. in order to support its robust array of features, flood lights cam needs to be hardwired into a standard junction box. note: as flood lights cam requires a junction box as well as wiring up live wires, it's highly recommended you hire a licensed electrician to install flood lights cam.

Some other customer like to install an outdoor flood lights on the face of the building, like our Max series for example. Talking about security purposes, the easiest place for a criminal to hide is in a corner. Without a light in the corner the darkness will be greater and the light will not illuminate a possible threat. These dangerous blind spot place can be secure after installing an outdoor flood lights on each side of the building so that it illuminates a side of the building from corner to corner.

About the installation, people want to do so with as little effort as possible. This means that the flood lights will not properly be placed in most of the cases. That why, Hyperlite designed 3 options to easy install flood lights luminaries for your project. To get a wide area of coverage the outdoor of you home, business or office. Hyperlite is always your best option, and we are sure our newest Eyes series will be the best option for your new update or project.

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