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How many lumens do I need per square foot?

Tony Black |

The quest for optimal lighting begins with a fundamental question: How many lumens do I need per square foot? At Hyperlite, we not only provide an extensive range of LED fixtures but also guide you through the process of determining the ideal lumens for your space. Let's delve into the intricacies of lumens, explore our versatile LED fixture options, and understand why Hyperlite stands out as your ultimate lighting solution.

Understanding Lumens: Lumens serve as the currency of brightness, indicating the amount of light emitted by a fixture. This crucial metric determines the overall brilliance of your lighting setup. Higher lumens translate to brighter, more vibrant spaces, and at Hyperlite, we prioritize delivering exceptional luminosity.

Our LED Fixture Range:

  1. Hyperlite LED High Bay Light - Hero Series:

    • Options ranging from 100 watts (14000 Lumens) to 250 watts (35000 Lumens)
    • Impressive 140 Lumens per watt for a balance of efficiency and brightness. 
      high bay lights
  2. Hyperlite LED High Bay Light - Radar Series:

    • Varieties available from 100 watts (14000 Lumens) to 250 watts (35000 Lumens)
    • A remarkable 140 Lumens per watt for maximum luminosity.
      high bay led lights
  3. Hyperlite LED High Bay Light - Saturn Series:

    • Varieties available from 100 watts (11200 Lumens) to 200 watts (28000 Lumens)
      high bay lights

Choosing Your Lumens:

  • Ceiling height recommendations ensure you get the right fixture for your space:
    • 7 to 13 feet: Opt for 100 to 110 watts
    • 14 to 17 feet: Consider 150 to 160 watts
    • 18 to 20 feet: Choose 200 to 220 watts
    • 21 feet or more: Select 250 to 320 watts

Customized Lighting Solutions: Beyond lumens per square foot, we understand that different activities require tailored brightness levels. Our simulations and layouts take into account your unique needs, ensuring your space is not just illuminated but brilliantly so.

Why Hyperlite?

  • Personalized Recommendations: Our team provides individualized guidance, recommending the perfect fixtures for your unique requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency: With impressive Lumens per watt ratios, our fixtures balance brightness with energy efficiency.
  • Quality and Durability: Hyperlite LED fixtures boast long lifespans and come with a 5-year warranty, ensuring lasting performance.

Customers review

Timothy Lowndes: Exactly half of what they recommended. The lighting is great. 18 lights 140x70.

high bay led light

Edward Greybeck: Did Hyperlite in my Shop, 150W high mount on 16ft ceilings. Shop size is 30ft x 48ft. The results are awesome.

led high bay light

Christopher Kyle Swinson: I went with 200 watt HyperLites. 60' wide, 16' walls, 124 lumens per square foot.

high bay lights

Choosing the right lumens for your space is an art, and Hyperlite's LED fixtures are the brushstrokes that paint the perfect lighting canvas. Illuminate your surroundings with brilliance and efficiency. Contact us today to embark on a journey to a brighter, more vibrant space.

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