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How many lumens do I need for a parking lot?

Tony Black |

Lumens are the best way to measure brightness because it literally is brightness.

Parking lot lighting is a term to describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on poles, for example. It is not uncommon to see multiple fixtures mounted on a single pole. The actual performance of the lighting is the most critical component. Bring improvement in the quality of the light in the parking space, the LED Parking lights are the best option.

LED is more efficient than metal halide lights. Therefore, if you were to replace a 1,000 watt metal halide light with a 1,000 LED, the light could be drastically different. Instead, you’ll want to focus on the number of lumens produced by the traditional bulb, and match that with LED technology if you’re okay with the light output.

Of course, parking lot lightings work a bit differently than light bulbs you’d place in your home.

We usually recommend two LED Parking lot lighting heads of 20,000 lumens each at about 15-20 feet high on each pole.   Space the pole about 20 feet apart.   That is average lighting.  Go brighter and higher if you want your space more illuminated If you go up to 30 feet and do 2 light heads at 30,000 or 40,000 each, you can space the poles 30-40 feet apart. 

An LED street light based on milliwatt output LED can normally produce the same amount of luminance as a traditional light, but requires only half of the power consumption. LED lighting does not typically fail.

But, how to select the best option for your space? Beyond selecting the model, power and following professional installation practices. We have some recommendations for you to consider when installing Parking lot lighting for your security or illumination project. One of them is the proper level of illumination needed. In other words, is a parking lot too bright or not bright enough? Our Led Parking lot lighting - Ares Series comes in a series of different power selections for every need. From 100w to even 300w.

In performing a LED street lighting project, easy LED luminary models simplify the optimization for high-performance illumination designs. These practical equations may be used to optimize LED street lighting installations in order to minimize light pollution, increase comfort and visibility, and maximize both illumination uniformity and light utilization efficiency.

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