Galental LED canopy light - Vega series

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Advantages of using LED canopy light VEGA series -

  • Heavy Duty Compact Design: VEGA Series LED Canopy Light is Exquisite in Workmanship and Heavy Duty Compact in Structure, Housing Finished in Super Durable Powder-coating Paint, for Superior Protection Against Corrosion, Fade and Wear.
  • Super Bright & Larger Emitting Surface: 130Lm/w High Efficiency 5850Lumens Super Bright, the Light Emitting Area is Larger, and the Type-V Beagle Makes the Whole LED Canopy Light More Concentrated and More Evenly Distributed.
  • Hinged Design For Quick Installation: Canopy LED Light Surface Ceiling Mounting Installation Steps: 1. Fix the Lamp Cover on the Wiring Box; 2. Connect the Wires; 3. Slide the Lower Cover of the Housing into the Corresponding Shaft of the Housing and Hang the Safety Rope; 4. Connect the Light Source Plug to the Power Plug, close it and Lock the screws. Pendant Mounting Installation Steps: 1. Connect the Wires; 2. Screw the Lamp and Conduit Pole Together Lightly.
  • IP65 Waterproof & Wide Application: IP65 Grade Waterproof Canopy Lights Suitable for Indoor or Wet Location, Parking Garage, Warehouse, Shop, Entrance Passage, Underground Passage, etc.
  • 5-Year Warranty & UL Certification: UL Certification Means Our LED Canopy Lights are Safer and more Secure. We Provide a 5-year warranty and You Can Return within 30 days From the Date of Purchase. You Can Contact Us If You Have Any Questions, We Will Provide You with Excellent After-sales Service.

Led canopy light product manual - Vega series


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  • The wires to connect to power egress out of the top, is this egress waterproof?

    They are water resistant and dustproof, rated with IP65

  • trying to use the vega series lights for my porch lighting about 10 ft ceiling about 20x25 area . How many do you recommend ?

    We recommend you to use 8pcs 65w for your building, you can place them in two rows of four fixtures.

  • What type of light pattern would these give out from 70 foot in the air?

    Please check this manual:

    if you need more details, please email us:

  • For a gas station canopy 15 feet high +20 spaces for lights are they bright enough What they have now is Cree 150 watt 19,000 lm lights How would these compare

    Vega Series 100w 13000lm would be a bit less bright than the lights you mention however with 100w Vega Series you can get good illumination especially if you use a good number of them.

  • Would love to see a white variant of these Vega fixtures, these are lovely yet tough fixtures, but the bronze color makes them look "industrial" which makes their appearance objectional to some people for specific applications.

    Thank you so much for your suggestion and feedback, we will pass it to management.

  • I am building a 30x30 with 10ft ceilings. How many of the 45W fixtures would you recommend? How would you space lighting?

    We recommend you to use 16 pcs 45w. The lighting simulation is for the best and ideal scenarioyou can adjust it according to your needsPlease check your email because we sent you all the information you need for your building, and thank you for your preference. 

  • I want to use these in a 22x24 garage with a dry walled ceiling how many do you recommend and would there be any problem with the heat generated from these on drywall.

    Please send us your request through email to including dimensions and ceiling height of your building.

  • To confirm bc these are listed under indoor lighting on your website:. These are waterproof and can be used on exterior ceilings?

    Thank you for your preference. Yes, all of our products are UL & DL Certified.

  • Hello, Could i get a quote on 48 pieces of the 65 watt 5000 kelvin IP65 canopy Light? Thank you. Steve boyle 563 590 8178

    Thank you for your request. Please check your email for more information.

  • I have a 40x60 shop with 14ft ceiling. What would you recommend?

    We recommend you to use 9 pcs 200w (4000K or 5000K according to your preferenceThe lighting simulation is for the best and ideal scenarioyou can adjust it according to your needsPlease check your email because we sent you the complete information for your shop and thank you for your preference. 

  • Could these be used in a damp location: covered outdoor kitchen open on all sides with no direct rain on the light ?

    Yes. our product is UL and Dl certified and it can work fine even on factory environment.

  • I have a 20 x 46 garage with 15 ft ceiling how many lights would it take to light it properly

    We recommend you to use 5 pieces 150w Hero Series High Bay Lights (5000K or 4000K as you may prefer ) for your garage.

  • i have a basement for basically car and boat storage- right now there are 36 8'x2 bulb florencent fixtures- could I do a 1 for 1 replacement of the canopy lights 45 watts- the ceiling is only like 9' but total area of 12,000 sq ft.

    We want to thank you for your preference. Please send us an email with the dimensions of your storage and we will be glad to provide you a detailed recommendation. Our customer service email address is

  • 30by40 garage 10 foot ceiling has 9 - 8ft fluorescents now.what you recommend?

    We recommend you to use 15pcs 65w Vega Series Canopy Lights in 3 rows of 5 lights for your garage.

  • Does this light attach to a typical electric junction box?

    Hello. Thank you for contacting us. It depends on the type of connection and the size of the Junction Box. The dimension of the Vega series is 230mmW x 230mmL - 735mm H.

  • 30 by 30 12 foot walls. I currently have 8 4x8 T5 fixtures in it. What would recommend replacing them with?

    We recommend you using 12pcs 65w. Please check your email because we sent to you the complete information. Thank you for your preference.

  • I have a 40x40 shop with 12 foot ceiling, I’m looking for maximum lighting in a led. What would you suggest

    Hello Steven. We recommend you to use 9 pcs 100w (4000K or 5000K according to your preference) The lighting simulation is for the best and ideal scenario, you can adjust it according to your needs. Please check your email because we sent to you the complete information for your shop and thank you for your preference.

  • I have a 40x60 steel building with 16’ eves, 20’ ish in the center. What would you suggest to light it?

    Hello Josh. thank you for your preference. Our recommendation will be to use 35 pcs 65w. The lighting simulation is for the best and ideal scenario, you can adjust it according to your needs. We suggest you to maybe use a different fixture for your space in case our recommendation doesn't convince you.

  • I’ve got a hanger with an A frame shaped inside. I have 10each A-Frames with 2 sets of 8’ standard fluorescent fixtures on each frame - totaling 4 each bulbs per frame - 40 bulbs total in the entire hanger area. What can I replace these with in the LED world?

    Hello Dennis. Thank you for your preference. Since we need to have a more detailed idea of your Hanger. can you please send us a picture of your space to our email ? we would be glad to complete a design for you with the best recommendation possible.

  • I have a 34x 55x 13 high at the peak round metal building. How many lights do you recommend.

    We recommend you to use 12 pieces 100w Hero Series High Bay Lights.

  • I have a 80x40’ shop 16’ eves 20’ h at the peak. How many lights do you suggest? Also I need to be able to keep the lights close to the ceiling.

    Hello Robbie,. We recommend you to use 15pcs 150w (4000K or 5000K according to your preference) The lighting simulation is for the best and ideal scenario, you can adjust it according to your needs. Please check your email because we sent to you the complete information for your shop and thank you for your preference.

  • How many of the 65 watts k5000 would you need in 30x60 metal building with 12’ ceilings

    Hello Shawn. Thank you for your preference. We recommend you to use 25pcs Vega Series 65w. The lighting simulation is for the best and ideal scenario, you can adjust it according to your needs.   Please check your email because we sent to you the complete information for your building.

  • Do you have a fixture that produces light at 4000 Kelvin?

    We do not have 4000K Vega series lights. We have Canopy shell series and Hero series which are 4000K lights.

  • How close should I mount them on a 10' ceiling to eliminate shadowing

    Hello. Thank you for contacting us.

    For the Vega series, 65w power light We recommend you to separate the lights 5ft or 7.5ft depending on how much light you want to have on your space.

    Please contact a local electrician for support or provide us with more details and we would be glad to provide you with free lighting design.

  • Should i need parts, do you stock them?

    We are sorry. We don't sell accessories, only whole lamps.

  • Dimmable?

    No, it is not dimmable.