Hyperlite Led High Bay Lighting - White Hero Series

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What are the areas where you can use LED high bay light white?

You will see an LED high bay light white in facilities that have high ceilings and that can be more than twenty feet. Commonly this type of LED high bay light white is seen in warehouses, airplane hangars, gymnasiums, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants.

Good quality of LED high bay light has reflectors and optics so that they can provide a more uniform light beam over a large area. Due to these reflectors and optics, the lights can eliminate shadows and dark areas.

You will generally get 150watt high bay light, 200-watt high bay lights, and LED high bay light 100w. The 150watt high bay light is used in playgrounds and stadiums. You will see that the 200-watt high bay lights are used in warehouses and garages. And you can use the LED high bay light 100W in the 10’-14’ ceiling buildings.

The LED lights also help increase the productivity of workers as they can see fine details and color contrasts better. The chances of causing mishaps, which generally take place in case of poor lighting, can be reduced.

The demand for LED high bay light white is increasing rapidly because of its low maintenance cost. Its durability and longevity is also another major factor for its increasing demand in the market.


Ask a Question
  • Building a 100’ x60’ shop with 14’ ceiling. How many and what model would you recommend.

    For that space, we recommend using 24 pieces 150w Hero Series High Bay Lights, 5000K or 4000K as you prefer.

  • Are they 110 or 220

    Yes, they are.  Our products have an input voltage from 100v to 277v AC.

  • What is min mounting height for the 60 watt high bay light

    8 feet. otherwise, it would produce glare.

  • How much is the 230Vac, 400w, temp-150degree celcius, led 200pcs

    Hello, Greetings from Hyperlite.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We do not have a White Hero series 400w on the stock.

    If you can please provide us with more details we would be glad to provide you with the information that you request. We will wait for your contact.

  • Are these waterproof?

    Yes, they are waterproof. And they are IP65 certificated.

  • Is the 250 watt actual or equivalent wattage?

    It is actual 250watt, which is equal to 600watt Metal Halide Lamp. The installation height of this lamp shall be at least 18 feet. Because the light is very bright and it maybe produce glare if you install it in low height.